Box art - For Honor

5 Tips to Fight Furiously in For Honor

Don’t get left in the dust on the battlefield, For Honor is an intricate game of swords and armor, it’s easy to jump in but incredibly hard to master. Once you’ve pledged your loyalty to one of For Honor’s three factions, it’s time to put everything you’ve got on the line to bring your team to victory.

Here are a few tips that can help you stand out in a sea of blood, sweat, and steel.

1. Stay Patient

For Honor is a complicated fighting game disguised as a medieval action title, so don’t get ahead of yourself with button mashing and move spamming. If you do, you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Many situations, no matter which mode you’re playing, are going to come down to one on one showdowns where you’ll need to outsmart your opponent to give your team the upper hand, capture a domination point, or simply claim victory. And those duels are going to be comprised of many precise moves that require timing and luck.

And like other tense fighters, success is going to be a lot harder to find if you’re hyper aggressive. Instead, work more with your block and grapple move sets, dodge the enemy as you learn their strategy. If you want to counter them and lay some heavy hits, you’ll need to be patient and learn.

Play Chess, Not Checkers

While For Honor may have the typical attack, block, and counter move balance, there is a lot more to it. You’ll want to master the nuances to sparring quickly, you’ll get left behind if you don’t adapt.

A lot of success can be found by misleading your opponent. For example, you can initiate and then cancel a heavy attack in order to draw out your opponents attack. This is a good tactic to switch between when trying to break enemy guards, you can alternate between cancelling the swing and using a different move and actually using your heavy move.

Stick Together As a Team

It’s much easier to kill a knight when he’s surrounding by two Vikings, even if that means you need to spend a good part of the match looking for your teammates. For most elimination rounds, the team who keeps more players alive is going to end up victorious. No matter how skilled the other players may be.

Communicate when each match starts, let your teammates know where you are and group up as soon as possible. Then try and catch the other players at the tail end of the other team, or all alone if the opposite team doesn’t team up as fast as you.

Forget Simple Tricks

In preview events and betas, a lot of people quickly learned how to throw people off cliffs by getting them into position near a sudden drop. And while it was fun, it quickly became identifiable and easy to counter.

It’s worth trying once or twice to see those dirty Knights fall to a grim demise, but once you’ve done the dirty make sure you completely flush it out of your system.

When in Doubt, Run

You’re no good to your team dead, especially in a group elimination mode. If you find yourself in a duel you know you can’t win. Run.

Instead of meeting an early end, turn heel and head for your nearest teammate or power up and get whatever advantage that you can. Power ups can be especially effective if you end up running into another one on one situation by giving you a distinct strength or speed superiority.

In many cases, you have far more to lose by sticking around for a one on one duel when you don’t know the skill level of your opponent. And if you decide to stay, you could get stabbed in the back if other players show up during your duel.

The repetition in For Honor is going to tire a lot of people out, especially once the good players separate from the great ones. But if you’ve enjoyed strategically hacking away at people online, then you’ll need to put some serious though into your tactics.

Don’t get frustrated if you’re not going on killing sprees immediately, a lot of folks have already had time with the game through betas and preview events. But not that the game has been released to everyone that advantage will quickly evaporate as people learn the best way to kill.