Persona 5 Launch Hub: Features And Guides

The last new Persona game released in 2008. Given that it's described as the best JRPG franchise of modern times, it goes without saying that the wait for Persona 5 has been borderline agonizing. But Persona 5 is here, and it's everything we hoped it would be.

Persona 5 is a massive game with tons to see and do. With that, there's a lot to talk about, whether it's the social aspect of the game or its dungeons. Below you will find some of our coverage. Note that we will add additional content to this page as it is published.


Persona 5 Review

This is no ordinary game. During the review process we found ourselves completely captivated by what Persona 5 offers. Read more about our experience in our review.

Celebrate Persona 5 Day With This Launch Trailer

Atlus has always done a good job with its Persona trailers, but the launch trailer for Persona 5 might just be the best yet.

Games 101: Everything You Need To Know About Persona 5​

Given how jam-packed it is with content, Persona 5 is deserving of an introduction. Check out this Games 101.

2017: The Year Japanese RPGs Caught Up To Western RPGs​

JRPGs had a rough few years. Thankfully, that is not longer the case now that Atlus, Square Enix, and other Japanese publishers are back in form.

Atlus Is Taking Persona 5 Spoilers Very Seriously, Disables PS4 Share Functionality

If you enjoy sharing screenshots and video of your playthroughs, you may be sad to hear that Share functionality is disabled in Persona 5.

After Zelda And Persona 5, 2017 Games Have A Tough Act To Follow

2017 has been hit with incredible releases, and we're only four months into the year. Let's talk about what games coming out later this year have to compete with.

Atlus Unboxes Persona 5's Premium Edition, Reveals Cool Goodies Inside

The collector's edition of Persona 5 is an impressive product. Check out this unboxing by Atlus.


6 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Persona 5

If you're only going to check out one guide, make this the one. It features no spoilers and will send you off with the knowledge we wish we had when we started.

How To Enable Japanese Voiceovers

Yes, you can switch to Japanese voiceovers in the North American and European versions of the game. No, it isn't available by default.

What Every Stat Does

Unless you're a Persona veteran, you're probably going to find Persona 5's stats confusing. Here's a quick guide to what each stat does.

How To Make Money (Yen) Fast

Money is something you're going to want as much as possible of in Persona 5. Here's a quick guide on getting rich.

How To Raise Your Kindness Fast

If you want to get the most out of Persona 5, then you're going to want to work on your Kindness stat. Here's how you can raise it.