The People Speak: A Beginning And An End

Here we are with another week of your top rated comments. But first, let's talk about what we covered.

During the past week we reviewed the SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse, NBA Playgrounds on the Switch, and Prey. We also interviewed several strategy game developers about accessibility vs difficulty design.

Though, what was most popular was discussion about obscure games we used to play. With over 25 comments and counting, it seems we all have something to share: early memories of gaming that we will never forget.

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Article: Tell GR: What Obscure Game Did You Enjoy As A Kid?​

Comment: I think the first PC game I ever actually played was Raptor: Call of the Shadows. I had the shareware version on a floppy disk. Imagine my joy when I found it years later on Steam for a dollar. The full game, to boot! Awesome! I still play it when I have five minutes to kill.

I also used to enjoy the Sega Game Gear, playing a game called Dragon Crystal, which was an RPG type game if I recall. In the early game, an egg follows you around (like pikachu in pokemon yellow). As you progress in the game, it hatches into a dragon, and then grows as you further progress. Ah…memories.

Also Redneck Rampage.​


Article: Interview: Strategy Devs Talk About Balancing Difficulty And Accessibility In Games

Comment: That's why you have QA and play testers, unless of course they aren't doing their job properly. With proliferation of DLC, a lot of complaints about difficulty can be mitigated, and perhaps make the publisher/dev a pretty penny in the process.

A seemingly "hard" game is sometimes just laziness of the player not willing to learn. Resonance of Fate is a good example, with half-assed reviewers not putting in effort, and thus destroying public impression of one of the greatest RPG battle systems ever. I blame these people directly for never getting a (spiritual) sequel. Damn you!​


Article: Assassin's Creed Origins Leaked Ahead Of E3, Screenshot And Details Included

Comment: Just finished AC4 a few months ago. Talk about story dissonance. The whole second half is this melancholy tale about the decline of pirating, but it's going on literally as I'm conquering the entire world as a pirate god king. Would have been a great story if the rest of the game reinforced it.

I'd love to see this game tightly tie the story with clearing out the map, instead of me taking a 20 hour hiatus and then blowing through something that undermines the character I've become.​

Nanotroll 2

Article: A War Between Developers Who Don't Want To Make PC Game Demos And Steam's Refund Policy Is Brewing

Comment: ​This wouldn't be a problem if game developers would actually build complete products instead of horribly buggy final products and still holding hands out for DLC. No one trusts most of these games anymore unless they are well-established IP.


Article: What Are You Playing? May 4th, 2017

Comment: Knights of the Old Republic for the original Xbox. I'm about six hours in and diggin' it. Marl's been wiping the floor with me in the arena so I'm in the lower levels working on leveling up. That difficulty spike hit quick!​


Article: Following Success Of Bayonetta And Nier: Automata On PC, Vanquish Is Being Ported Over

Comment: 3 months, 3 Platinum Games on PC!? I can't handle it…

Next they are going to announce Metal Gear Rising 2 releasing in June…


Article: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Is Coming To Console, Xbox One Version Prioritized

Comment: You haven't seen any gameplay of this? I'd advise you go watch someone streaming it on Twitch. I don't know what Battle Royal (2000) is. When I describe it to people, people always think "So, it's The Hunger Games?" I don't know anything about The Hunger Games either. The best way I can describe the game is you fall from a plane, land on a huge map without anything. You go around looting and killing other players to be the last to survive. Meanwhile, to make sure it's not a long time to find the remaining survivors, gas is being spread every couple minutes and the safe zone gets small and smaller.​


Article: Prey (2017) Review​

Comment: ​I'm enjoying Prey, but unfortunately I'm not getting much of a chance to play it, let alone any video games this week. I like the exploration aspect, I enjoy the stealth elements and I like how the game has RPG mechanics. Has a very… Half-Life, Bioshock feel to it (I know, System Shock, but I haven't played that).

My criticism with the game is that yes, the loading times suck (I play on a PS4) and direct combat can be a bit awkward at times (I find that I try to avoid direct combat and either A, sneak past enemies or B, get the jump on them and ambush). The user interface can be a bit confusing and even daunting at times – a lot of information on screen.

The soundtrack is a mixed bag. Some things are good, some things are not so good. The opening sequence feels very out of place.

To me, the story seems non-existent, but to be fair I'm not very far into the game, so hopefully it further unfolds. This seems to be one of those games where the story is told in other forms of in-game medium, e.g. listening to recordings, reading other people's e-mails etc.

Graphics are alright, but they do look a bit dated when/if compared to other AAA games.

I am enjoying it and I want to play more, but just haven't had the time this week.​


Article: May 2017 Release Calendar: Buy, Try, Die

Comment: ​Looking to get some great games on the go for the Switch. Minecraft and Ultra Street Fighter II.

Besides in arcades or at friends houses, I've never truly played/owned a street fighter game. I know this one is supposed to have legendary status as a fighting game so I'm excited for that.

Also considering Prey, but will probably wait for reviews.


Article: Happy May The 4th: The Best Star Wars Games That Feature Your Favorite Characters

Comment: ​I think Shadows of the Empire's most enduring achievement is that other Star Wars games will find an excuse, any excuse at all, to put in a recreation of the battle of Hoth if they can get away with it, just so they can rip off that one level. It is that good.