Top 5 Most Patriotic Video Game Characters

It’s the fourth of July, America’s Independence Day for all those across the pond, or north or south. It’s the time of year where the local law enforcement agencies remind us that fireworks are illegal right before we all blow up a bunch of fireworks, all in the name of one thing: AMERICA.

And, as the years have gone on, we’ve gotten many video game characters who share the same one-word obsession. From shooters to fighters, here are the top 5 most patriotic video game characters.

5. The President – Saints Row IV

If Saints Row hadn’t jumped the shark in the previous games, it jumped over at least 43 of them in Saints Row IV by making the series nameless protagonist the President of the United States of America. But, never one to shy away from the ridiculous, this made Saints Row IV a lot of stupid fun.

But back to the Protagonist – the Boss who was now the big boss of everyone – who better to defend America’s safety than the infinitely powerful Protagonist who (perhaps suddenly) loves the sh** out of it. I mean … I’d vote for him.

4. Jax Briggs – Mortal Kombat


As are most people with extensive military service Major Jackson Briggs, also known as “Jax,” loves the country for which he fights. You can see it in his attitude, design and attire. Frequently donning the American Flag, either to celebrate victory or to use as an armband (see above), Jax is proud of his patriotism.

And he certainly wasn’t going to let a little thing like losing both his arms stop him from fighting anti-American demons and whatnot. Strap some giant metal arms to him, and he’s ready to go. While he’s not the President or anything, you can do a lot worse for a few good hoo-rahs.

3. BJ Blazkowicz – Wolfenstein (take your pick)


We as a country obsessed with pop culture likely inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds have decided that there are few things more American than the killing-Nazi business (and cousin, business is a booming). And while the Nazi soldiers sure have the same level of fear for Lt. Aldo Raine as they do for BJ Blazkowicz, the damage done by the former can’t even compare to the Wolfenstein protagonist.

BJ Blazkowicz isn’t just an unstoppable killing machine, he’s an unstoppable Nazi-killing machine, which makes him an unstoppable force for truth, justice and the American Way (much more than Superman is nowadays.

2. McCree – Overwatch


But perhaps even more than Nazi-killing, being a freaking cowboy is the most American thing you can do as a normal citizen, and Overwatch‘s McCree fits that bill and then some. He’s a cowboy-hat-wearing, cigar-smoking, high-noon-saying gunslinger with a fancy poncho and a grizzly voice to boot. Also, cowboy boots to boot.

Of course, like many of those on this list, McCree also knows how to pull of the American Flag as an outfit. And sure, McCree was an outlaw who rolled with some bad gangs, but so were a lot of famous cowboys, and even some in video games that we know and love (John Marston anyone?). Besides, sometimes a little civil disobedience is the most patriotic thing you can do. Speaking of which:

1. Captain America – Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Come on, did you really think I could leave Captain America off this list? He’s been in scores of games as a playable character – although I’m surprised he hasn’t headlined his own game in the modern day – and he’s always going to be the most patriotic, Superman be damned.

And while you can really pick from any of these games, I went with the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite as a shameless ploy to stay relevant. And anyway, he looks badass in the few brief moments he’s in that trailer.