The best anime families ever

December is a special time for families to come together and reconnect just before another new year begins. It’s a month that invites us to reminisce on our accomplishments and share in our goals for the future. The following are some the best anime families that have thought us the power of being around those you love. Be warned that light spoilers may be found below.

Best anime families – The Jinnouchi Family (Summer Wars)

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Summer Wars is a movie that follows a computer genius named Kenji Koiso as he’s introduced to his friend Natsuki Shinohara’s massive family, the Jinnouchis. As he’s enjoying his stay (and tries not to make a fool himself), Kenji becomes embroiled in a scandal involving a massive digital world called OZ. He enlists the Jinnouchi family to help him fight off a computer virus and restore his name on the network.

Summer Wars exhibits the power of generations of people putting aside their differences and working towards a common goal. Despite the Jinnouchi family’s gigantic size, no one gets left out during his or her time of need. This rule applies to both relatives and friends.

Best anime families – The Kusakabe Family (My Neighborhood Totoro)

Anime Families

Though plenty of Ghibli movies depict families, none are more loving than My Neighborhood Totoro‘s Kusakabes. Sisters Mei and Satsuki adorably rely on each other to find things to do around their new countryside home. Their father, Tatsuo, encourages his daughters to use their imagination and does his best to play with them when he can.

He also constantly tries to make his two girls understand why their mother, Yasuko, isn’t home yet. The Kusakabe family is one of the medium’s best representations of patience, which is a great virtue to keep in mind when we approach our families in real life.

Best anime families – The Son Family (Dragon Ball Franchise)

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The Dragon Ball franchise’s Goku, Chi-Chi, Gohan, and Goten are some of the strongest fictional heroes ever conceived. While they may represent the most powerful anime family in the medium, they’re all also willing to go the extra mile for each other. Goku didn’t hesitate at the thought of sacrificing himself for Gohan during Z‘s cell arc, and Gohan accepted his father’s invitation to the Tournament of Power during Super. Meanwhile Chi-Chi continues to raise Goten to be the best Saiyan ever back on Earth, which is no easy feat for a woman unable to shoot energy balls out of her hands.

This familiar connection extends to Piccolo, Krillin, Bulma, and even Vegeta. The Z-Fighters as a whole can be considered a family—one that you won’t want to mess with anytime soon.

Best anime families – The Uzumaki Family (Naruto Franchise)

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Naruto had a rough life. He grew up as an orphan and was considered an outcast by most people in Konohagakure. Despite this, the titular character never harbored any hatred toward his parents Minato and Kushina, as he knew they sacrificed themselves for the greater good. In Boruto, it’s clear that Naruto was able to move on from the past and start a family of his own with Hinata.

Both Boruto and Himawari are growing up to be excellent ninja thanks to their parents’ guidance. The healthy household that Naruto and Hinata maintain is something fans of the series could learn from today when they start thinking about raising families of their own.

Best anime families – The Zoldyck Family (Hunter x Hunter)

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On the surface, it may seem that Hunter x Hunter‘s Zoldyck family hates Killua. His brothers Illumi and Milluki tortured him on a daily basis when he was younger, with the former going so far as to implant a needle in his sibling’s spine to constantly monitor his whereabouts. It becomes clear much later in the series that these measures were taken to protect Killua rather than hurt him, as the Zoldycks are the most powerful group of assassins in the world and thus have a lot of enemies.

Silva is a bit disappointed when he learns that his son doesn’t want to take part in the family business, but still allows Killua to go on adventures with Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio. The Zoldycks do mistreat Alluka because they fear her abilities to destroy pretty much everything in existence, though thankfully Killua saves her from a life in confinement. This deadly bloodline certainly isn’t perfect, but very few families out there are.

Best anime families – Hana, Ame, and Yuki (Wolf Children)

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In Wolf Children, protagonist Hana is tasked with raising two werewolf children all on her own. As a single parent, she struggles to come to terms with Ame and Yuki’s volatile nature, yet still shows them an unyielding love. Like My Neighborhood Totoro‘s Tatsuo, Hana exercises extreme patience when approaching her children. She’s the foundation that Ame and Yuki need to fit in with society and carry out fulfilling lives. Wolf Children perfectly illustrates why so many of us look up to our parents as heroes.

Best anime families – The Nohara Family (Crayon Shin-Chan)

Anime Families

The above image may lead you to believe that Crayon Shin-Chan‘s Nohara family is normal, but that certainly isn’t the case. Throughout the show it becomes clear that every member of the household is deranged. The father, Hiroshi, is an alcoholic. The mother, Misae, is a hypocrite that loves smacking her family around. Protagonist Shinnosuke waves his butt in the air at every given opportunity. The best of the bunch is the baby, Himawari, though she does like to torture the dog once in a while. The Noharas may never be considered a typical family, but their craziness is probably the glue that keeps them together.

Even if your family is just as eccentric as the Noharas, the entries above remind us how important it is to accept our relatives for who they are. It’s also important to consider those who aren’t connected to us by blood, as the bonds we grow with friends are also vital in shaping who we become. Your family consists of the people that will always be there for you. No matter where you may be on life’s journey, you should never forget to call, text, or write to the individuals that make you feel special.