GR Radio | Should loot box odds be disclosed in games?

In this week’s GR Radio, Paul (that’s me!), Mack, Jason, and Michael discuss the news that loot box odds will soon be disclosed in games and if this will have a big impact on how microtransactions are handled in the near future. Is this going to be a big step forward towards more consumer-friendly microtransactions, or is this equivalent to putting a band-aid on a sinking ship?

We also dive deep into The Outer Worlds after recently previewing Obsidian’s upcoming RPG. According to Michael, the Fallout: New Vegas devs have created a game that feels like it’s ripped straight from 2011… but in a good way. Find out why that’s a good thing in GR Radio!

Also in this week’s episode: FFXIV: Shadowbringers review, Need For Speed Heat trailer reaction, crabs with knives (?!), and more!

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