Retro Ad Replay – Army of Two: The 40th Day 10th Anniversary

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In this January 12 edition of Retro Ad Replay, we’re diving back 10 years in time to when the Army of Two: The 40th Day launched for Xbox 360 and PS3. January 12, 2010 was the day that co-op buddies everywhere got to team up to take down an onslaught of baddies. Aiding players was the “Aggro” system, which allowed one player to distract enemies while the other flanked to get into a stronger position.

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Army of Two The 40th Day release date anniversary

The Army of Two: The 40th Day GameRevolution review awarded the game an above average 3/5, praising how it “brings guys together,” is “easy to grasp” for newcomers, and is overall a “solid shooter.” The game’s “Aggro” mechanic and lackluster solo play led to the points deduction, however.

Here’s a snippet from the GR review, which details what Army of Two: The 40th Day got right:

Like its predecessor, you’ll find the real cajones of THE 40TH DAY in its co-op play. At its best, you’ll be reminded of the co-op campaign mode in GEARS OF WAR. The third-person perspective and cover mechanic feel very similar to GEARS; just don’t expect any of the same great weapons or ultra visceral combat. But the straightforwardness of ARMY OF TWO: THE 40TH DAY also makes it incredibly easy to pass the controller to a friend without having to explain anything. Just point and shoot.

Is there a new Army of Two game in the works? Sadly, there hasn’t yet been any official confirmation about a possible sequel, remake, or remaster. Perhaps the next-gen consoles will provide a new home for Salem and Rios? Keep those fingers crossed!

Take a look at the launch trailer for Army of Two: The 40th Day below: