What’s the best piece of game music ever? | Tell GR

There are endless fantastic video game soundtracks, from the bleep boops of the NES area to the orchestral scores that accompany today’s big-budget blockbusters. But what is the single greatest piece of video game music ever?

We’re talking individual tracks here — single songs that have blown your mind and completely dwarfed everything else on their respective game’s soundtrack. Let us know below, and we’ll feature our favorite reply in tomorrow’s Tell GR!

‘Hydrogen,’ Hotline Miami

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “It was a close call between this and ‘Go Straight’ from Streets of Rage 2, but ‘Hydrogen’ is far too much of a banger. There are soundtracks that take you straight back to the game you heard them in, while others are just as good when you hear them outside of their original context. M|O|O|N helped transform Hotline Miami‘s soundtrack into one of the best ever, and ‘Hydrogen’ is the standout track of the lot.”


‘BFG Division,’ Doom (2016)

Michael Leri, features editor: “Maybe it’s because I’m currently running through every Doom because of the Eternal high that has not subsided, but no video game track can top BFG Division from Doom 2016. It whips ass by itself but works better within the game. Doom’s music is integral to the experience because of how the frenetic BPM encourages you to play quickly and given the way it changes and adapts to how you play is the bloody cherry on top. I cannot wait for Doom Eternal for many reasons and the soundtrack is one of them.”


‘Credit Line of Whole Staff,’ Resident Evil 2

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “My favorite video game track is ‘Credit Line of Whole Staff’ from Resident Evil 2. The song plays during the credits of the B scenarios and it’s just a goofy rock song. However, it’s so unlike everything else on the RE2 soundtrack that it feels like a badass reward for conquering both scenarios. There are plenty of video game pieces that hold a dear place in my heart, but ‘Credit Line of Whole Staff’ is the one that makes me just rock the hell out.”


‘To Zanarkand,’ Final Fantasy X

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: Final Fantasy X‘s ‘To Zanarkand.’ I’ll never tire of hearing this one. A beautiful song that is immediately recognizable, from my favorite Final Fantasy game. Incredible in the opening sequence, yet enhanced further when you hear it again after the long journey.”