Numskull Designs launches official Crash Team Racing merchandise

Numskull Designs will launch official Crash Team Racing merchandise to coincide with the release of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled this Friday. The new licensed range will feature everything from Wumpa Fruit crate mugs, to CTR-themed furry dice, to a Crash Bandicoot incense burner.

Numskull Designs has come armed with a huge selection of Crash goodies, running the gamut from clothing through to accessories and fun decorative items. We particularly enjoy the bold fashion statement that is the ‘furry crash snapback,’ which aims to make the wearer “feel like a real bandicoot” with its fuzzy orange peak.

Previously, Numskull launched a similar range for Spyro, alongside the launch of the Reignited Trilogy. However, this CTR merch has seen the outlet go all-in, with it boasting no fewer than 47 products to choose from.

ctr merchandise

For those who have been hiding under a Wumpa Fruit tree, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a remake of the super popular 1999 PlayStation kart racer. Developed by Beenox, the studio behind Call of Duty Modern Warfare RemasteredCTR Nitro-Fueled features updated 4K-ready visuals for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, 35 confirmed characters, and 31 racing tracks along with 12 battle arenas.

CTR is one of publisher Activision’s biggest releases of the year, and will likely continue the success of Crash’s modern outings following the extraordinary popularity of the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy. As a timed PS4 exclusive in 2017, it became the best-selling platform exclusive of the year in the UK, beating out Horizon Zero Dawn. As of February 2019, the game has sold over a whopping 10 million units.

All of Numskull Design’s Crash Team Racing merchandise can be viewed right here, and is purchasable through the Geek Store links on the company’s site. Make sure you keep it tuned to GameRevolution for our official Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled review.