Soulja Boy returns to Twitch with classic RuneScape streams

Soulja Boy RuneScape streams are probably the strangest crossover we’ve seen yet. The rapper and entrepreneur has had a shaky start ever since his release from prison, and now he’s attracted an enthusiastic following by playing Jagex’s classic browser-based role-playing game.

Previously, Soulja Boy garnered attention in the gaming world by announcing his own gaming console — and that was only the start of a wild rollercoaster ride. He began sales of two gaming consoles and then another two after that, ultimately closing down this segment of his online store less than a month later.

Since then, he’s continued to release songs and play games on Twitch, minus a short absence due to serving time in jail for a parole violation. He’s launched a new website (with its own merch store, of course) and bounced around between some different games, but it’s his RuneScape streams that have really kicked things off in recent months.

As one example, look at this poll that he put out during his most recent stream — over 5,000 people voted, and 82% of them wanted him to keep playing RuneScape. The lively party atmosphere of his streams has led to the creation of some pretty hilarious memes by the community:

Soulja Boy plays RuneScape from 2007scape

And Soulja Boy’s rap skills still seem sharp as ever, too. One of the most weirdly entertaining parts of last night’s stream was when he did a freestyle rap to RuneScape’s “Sea Shanty” music of all things:

And that’s not the only fire freestyle he spat, either:

The recent Soulja Boy RuneScape streams have been paying off — the rapper has shown a steady growth in viewership as shown on Twitch Tracker, but sullygnome shows the most surprising number: he hit nearly 5,000 peak viewers in recent days streaming old-school RuneScape.

As the sullygnome data shows, Soulja Boy’s RuneScape streams have proven wildly popular in the last week. Other popular games (including GTA 5 and the newly-released Hyper Scape) just couldn’t compare to the sheer amount of people tuning in to watch him play an old browser game.

I think it’s safe to say that this viral rapper and entrepreneur has found himself an audience in the strangest of places. It looks like he’ll continue to be a variety streamer, although his best chance for staying in the spotlight might just be this beloved browser game classic.