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Rocket League Double XP Weekend – Start Time

Looking forward to the Rocket League Double XP weekend? You should be. Not only is it the first ever event of its kind, it’s also marking the series’ 10th anniversary so expect a bumper, bumper-to-bumper session or twelve to dominate your weekend. Below, we’ll take you through the Rocket League Double XP weekend start time and end date, as well as if it’s possible for offline players to earn Double XP.

When is the Rocket League Double XP Weekend Start Time and End Date?

As per the Rocket League site, the event begins on midnight, Friday, October 12 for those in the UK, with a Thursday, October 11 start time for players in America. That’s 4 PM Pacific and 7 PM Eastern, depending on which coast you’re on.

Things come to a close on Monday, October 14 at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern/6 PM BST. So, you have a whole five days to earn Double XP on the game. That’s some weekend. And it should mean you’ll level up several times over as there’s no limit or cap to how much XP you can earn across the period.

Can I Earn Rocket League Double XP Offline?

Unfortunately, you cannot earn Double XP offline, though you can earn it in both competitive and casual online playlists. Psyonix makes a pointed reference to these multiplier rewards (which will see each player earn a +100% Special Event Reward after each game) being available in Online Matches only, which is a shame but, hey, it stops boosters, if you’ll forgive the terrible pun.

Will There be More Rocket League Double XP Weekends in Future?

As of writing, there is nothing in the pipeline. But never say never. If this weekend sees a large spike in player numbers, Psyonix will almost certain return to the well, despite this being the inaugural Rocket League Double XP weekend after over two years of play.