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Best Fiends iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Work on removing logs or twigs blocking the way in order to allow yourself to fill up the board and have access to all the possible pieces.

Create matches with tiles matching your Fiends’ element because they will cause more damage. They fill up the power meter as well allowing your fiends to throw into play their special item.

If you have a diamond on the board, to have a chance at colleting it make sure that you create a match near it.

Always upgrade your Fiends to increase their stats, especially the damage they cause when matches are made with tiles of their element.

You can sign in to Facebook for 30 free Diamonds.

Time cheat works here so if you change your time setting to a time ahead you'll get quick energy reffil.

You can always replay older levels to collect more material to upgrade your monsters and come with stronger characters into the level you can’t beat.