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Rocket League 1.75 Update Patch Notes

A new Rocket League update is on its way to players across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The latest patch notes for Rocket League update 1.75 detail new options for controller vibration settings as well as a smattering of bug fixes. Learn about all of the most recent changes by reading through the Rocket League patch notes featured below.

Rocket League patch notes | Update 1.75

Rocket League patch notes update 1.75

Rocket League update version 1.75 is a relatively small patch released on March 24, 2020. Primarily, it adds several new controller vibration settings. These include options to prioritize when controllers vibrate or outright disable all vibration.

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Users who like to fine-tune feedback can also make use of the new Vibration Intensity setting. Found in the Options menu, this new slider allows users to increase or decrease the overall vibration effect. With that said, the developers warn that very low vibration intensity settings may have unexpected results.

Finally, Rocket League update 1.75 includes a few new bug fixes. The appearance of several Decals have been fixed, though the developers haven’t said which. A bug that caused some maps to disappear following update 1.74 has been fixed, as has the bug affecting Boost mutator in Spike Rush matches. Steam and Switch users will also see a fix that allows for the transmission of more than three messages when matches are paused.

Here are the full Rocket League patch notes for update version 1.75 as provided by the developers.

Changes and Updates

Controller Vibration Settings

  • Changed how controller vibration is set under Options -> Controls
  • Added three Controller Vibration settings
    • ‘Disabled’ removes all controller vibration
    • ‘Default’ only vibrates on impacts, boost activation, and explosions
    • ‘All’ adds vibration for the entire duration of a boost
  • Added a ‘Vibration Intensity’ slider
    • Slider can move between 0.00 and 3.00 in intervals of 0.10
    • Setting the slider to 0.00 disables vibration
    • Intensity settings below 0.5 may have inconsistent results across different controller types due to variance in vibration motors
  • Slider numbers to recreate legacy settings:
    • Light: 0.5
    • Medium: 1.8
    • Heavy: 3.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed appearance of several Decals
  • Fixed an issue causing some maps to not appear in Online Matches since v1.74
  • Fixed Boost mutator in Spike Rush matches
  • [Steam, Nintendo Switch] Players can now send more than three messages during a Private or Wireless Match (where applicable) when the match is paused