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Do you need PSVR to play Iron Man?

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is the latest PS4 exclusive to leverage a Marvel license. Following in the footsteps of Insomniac’s Spider-Man, this time around players embody billionaire playboy Tony Stark and pilot the iconic Iron Man suit. One question lingers for fans of the comic book character, though: Do you need PSVR to play Iron ManHere’s everything you need to know.

Do you need PlayStation VR to play Marvel’s Iron Man?

Do you need PSVR to play Iron Man

While some games are playable both in and out of virtual reality, unfortunately, Marvel’s Iron Man VR isn’t one of them. You do need PSVR to play Iron Man — the game will not function without a PlayStation VR headset attached to your PS4.

While a few titles have received updates adding non-VR modes in the past, it’s unlikely to happen in this instance. As the full Marvel’s Iron Man VR name suggests, the game was built from the ground up by Camouflaj and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) as a VR experience.

Can you play Marvel’s Iron Man VR with a DualShock 4 controller?

Marvel's Iron Man VR DualShock 4 controller

Now that you know you need PSVR to play Iron Man, you might be wondering whether or not it supports the PS4 gamepad. Marvel’s Iron Man VR does not support the DualShock 4 controller, due to the game’s unique control scheme. Instead, you’ll require two PlayStation Move motion wands.

The “real” Iron Man uses repulsors in the palms of his suit to propel himself through the air and fire his iconic repulsor blasts. In Iron Man VR, players mimic this action to fly and engage enemies in combat, necessitating independent motion control over both hands. That simply isn’t possible with the DualShock 4, so Marvel’s Iron Man VR requires a pair of Move controllers.

If you’re eager to play Iron Man VR (and understandably so) but don’t have the right hardware, then the Marvel’s Iron Man VR bundle comes with everything you need.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR bundle contents

  • PlayStation VR headset
  • PlayStation Camera
  • 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers
  • Marvel’s Iron Man VR physical game disc
  • PSVR demo disc version 3.0