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Cities Skylines October 2018 Patch Notes – What’s New In Cities Skylines Industries 1.11.0-f3?

Cities Skylines October 2018 patch notes are live, and there’s a lot to take in about the 1.11.0-f3 update, whether you’re picking up the new Cities Skylines Industries expansion or not. Paradox Interactive and developers Colossal Order have been putting out expansions for the base game since its release back in 2015, and just like every time before, a paid expansion brings a free update to support city builds who like their game mostly just how it is.

The new Cities Skylines October 2018 patch notes bring us to game version number Cities Skylines Industries 1.11.0-f3, whether or not you buy the expansion. So while expansion owners get access to the largest amount of content as you’d expect, free users will get more than a few bug fixes by downloading today’s update.

Cities Skylines October 2018 Patch Notes – What’s New?

So what’s new with today’s update? The full Cities Skylines October 2018 patch notes list each and every new feature Industries buyers will be able to able to access, but scroll a bit further down and you’ll see a comparable amount of bullet points pertaining to features and fixes meant for everyone.

One of the biggest new additions to the base Cities Skylines game comes in the form of the new Toll Booth feature. Suggested as a key feature of the expansion, you actually won’t need to shell out cash for the new DLC to gain access to the right to charge citizens to use your city roads. A common challenge in Cities Skylines is often road and traffic management, and using toll booths to gate high-profile areas can reduce traffic and potentially fund the expensive roadworks often needed to fix the source of the problem.

Other than that, Cities Skylines fans the world over will gain access to new industry train cars and things like trees, dust, and ore to the Asset Editor. There are plenty of bug fixes to check up on here, too. Just know that Paradox is expecting a bunch of popular mods to be knocked offline by the version update. Just be patient.