WWE 2K20’s questionable Rock model has fans perplexed

2K Games recently revealed WWE 2K20‘s complete roster. Among these, one particular superstar has stood out, but for all the wrong reasons. WWE 2K20‘s model of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has left fans perplexed by how badly it represents the wrestler turned Hollywood actor.

After the reveal, many fans immediately took to social media to voice their opinions on just how bad they thought the WWE 2K20‘s model for the Rock was. The biggest complaint seems to be the models lack of any fine definition, as such, it barely resembles the iconic WWE superstar its supposed to represent.

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Now the WWE 2K series does have somewhat of a negative reputation when it comes to its character models. However, fans are arguing that this is the worst that it’s ever been, mentioning that the models from older games from the 2000s seem to capture the Rock much better.

Interestingly enough, it looks as though the Rock’s model in WWE 2K20 has a striking resemblance like a different Hollywood superstar — Vin Diesel.  Twitter users have noted that the model looks more like The Rock’s Fast and Furious series co-star.

Of course, not everyone agrees that the model doesn’t look like The Rock. Twitter user TheTepidMess pointed that it does look like The Rock, or at least, the badly received CG model of him used to portray the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns.

While The Rock’s model is arguably the worst of the bunch, other superstar’s models have also come into question. The models for female wrestlers Molly Holly and Io Shirai have come up in the conversation surrounding The Rock’s model on Twitter.

The quality of these models is likely down to certain superstars not being available for motion-capture. Given that The Rock is currently starring in various Hollywood movies, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t be available to be captured for his appearance in the upcoming game, even though some are disappointed by his model in the upcoming game.

2K recently revealed the full roster for WWE 2K20, which contains a whopping 115 Superstars both past and present.