Tread lightly and carry a big sword… Review

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  • 01/01/1970
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Tread lightly and carry a big sword…

Between the fall of Atlantis and the rise of the Playstation 2, there existed
an Age shrouded in mystery. And unto this, the great warrior Rau, destined to
discover the secret of the Mark of Kri, would do battle against a timeless
evil that sought to destroy the earth.

It is I, his chronicler, who alone can recount his saga. Let me tell you of
the days of action and high adventure!

ago, an evil spell was created that would envelop the Earth in darkness and
bring demons into the world of men. But before the spell could take effect,
it was broken into six pieces and hidden throughout the land. Time passed and
soon mankind forgot all about the demons that threatened to invade their world.
Even more unfortunate was the fact that the demons had gathered their power
and were preparing to return.

And thus began the legend of Rau.

Well versed in the art of combat, Rau would unknowingly become the sole hope
of the people. His unique methods of fighting had never been seen before and
his skill with the sword, spear, bow and battleaxe were unmatched. Rather than
just attacking enemies one by one like the heroes of old, Rau had the ability
to lock-on to several targets at once with a beam of light from his right thumb
stick. Each locked target would carry one of the ancient symbols of Square,
X, and Circle; by pressing the corresponding buttons on his fearsome controller,
Rau could handle several adversaries at once with ease.

Combination hits seemed limitless and allowed Rau to handle different enemies
in different ways with different weapons. This style of fighting was most impressive,
and all who had a chance to behold it were struck with awe.

Some, though, felt that it was sometimes hard to follow. Rumors of a mysterious
floating eye called a ‘camera’ surfaced, and most were not very pleased by its
struggle to keep Rau’s exploits chronicled smoothly. Was it witchcraft? We may
never know.

Rau was indeed a fearsome warrior, but it was not just his fighting skill
that made him great. He knew that the song of steel was not always the sweetest.
Unlike most men his size, Rau was able to use stealth to his advantage. My lord
would often sneak around walls or on rooftops to take his enemies by surprise
and slay them with no mercy. One enemy. Two enemies. It mattered not.

Aided with the ability to see through the eyes of Kuzo, his hawk spirit guide, Rau was able to scout out the road ahead and plan his attack accordingly. In addition to this sight, Kuzo also helped Rau by locating special items and tripping switches for doors. Who would guess that a mere bird could be such a threat?

Rau began to help the people in need, he started to realize his sense of worth.
He mattered. In time, his victories could not easily be counted and the blood
of his enemies ran the ground red. Rau may have been a benevolent protector,
but to those who would call him enemy, my lord was like a demon possessed.

When facing his opponents, he showed no mercy. One minute he would have his
sword buried to the hilt in a bandit and the next he would be cleaving a man
clean in half with his battleaxe. It has been surmised that perhaps my lord
was like a wild animal that had been kept too long. Perhaps. The time to unleash
his bloodlust had come, and though the world in which he roamed was colorful
and childlike, his actions were decidedly contrary.
The contrast between Rau’s violent behavior and his cartoon world was a sight
to see.

But my liege was not always so…unapproachable. Far from it. In between every
adventure, Rau would stop at the inn of his hometown and chat with anyone who
happened by. It was here that he met the ancient Sage, who would show him the
prizes and secrets in his future. By completing certain challenges during his
quests, Rau would gain access to several fighting arenas to further test his
skill. Completing challenges in the area would yield access to new outfits as
well as the works of art created by local artisans.

By now you must realize how good a warrior Rau was. Too good, in fact, for he could slaughter a countless number of enemies in just nine hours or so. A stout fighter needs a much longer challenge, or at least one that bears repeating. My lord’s trials and tribulations were very, very short. There is no doubt that Rau could have used a few more adventures, for his blades still called for blood.

So did Rau defend the Mark of Kri. And having no further concern, he
and his companion sought adventure in other lands. Many wars and battles did
Rau fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name. In time, he became a legend
by his own hand…but that is yet another story.


Unique fighting system
Nice combat/stealth mix
Combos galore!
Violent enough for the most discriminating barbarian
Way, way too short
Camera issues