Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity 3.0 Review

Disney Infinity 3.0: A Love Letter to Star Wars. When Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes released, each of the individual play sets opened with a brief single-player vignette that the rest of the play sets…

by Blake Peterson
August 28th, 2015

Disney Infinity 3.0 Preview

Plumbing the infinite possibilities of the mind.  Disney Interactive and Pixar recently hosted an event at Pixar's Emeryville campus to preview Disney Infinity 3.0's upcoming Inside Out play set, in which you can play as one of…

by Blake Peterson
June 4th, 2015

Disney Infinity Review

What are you going to make in your toybox?  I played Disney Infinity completely wrong when I started: I focused on the playsets. The game is primed to have you jump straight into the create-your-own-games…

by Blake Peterson
August 20th, 2013
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