Mad Max

Mad Max Review

Beyond Thunderpoon. I set off into the desolate wastes, my thunderpoon in hand. Was I inside some twisted post-apocalyptic Dr. Seuss nightmare? Facing off against characters named Scrotus, Rim Jobbie, and Cock Locka. With every…

by Jessica Vazquez
September 8th, 2015

Mad Max Preview

A beautiful Mad Man’s furious road. Amongst some other Mad Max enthusiasts I’ve heard some rumblings of dissatisfaction that Mad Max the game isn’t more heavily related to Mad Max: Fury Road; but it might be…

by Blake Peterson
June 19th, 2015

Mad Max Preview

It's like a movie, but all the damage is yours to deal. Mad Max is a loved franchise, more so than I realized before this year's E3. And with the field rife with alternate reality, wasteland-centralized,…

by Kevin Schaller
June 16th, 2013
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