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When is the Overwatch Season 17 End Date?

The Overwatch Season 17 end date is almost upon us. Blizzard’s first-person shooter multiplayer title is nearly at the end of this season, and it won’t be long until we learn when the Season 18 start date will be as a result. If you’re curious about when Season 17 will end in Overwatch, we’ve got you covered. Check out this Overwatch Season 17 end date guide to get all of the information you’ll need.

Overwatch Season 17 End Date | When does Season 18 begin?

Overwatch Season 17 End Date

Right, before we take a look at the Season 18 start date, let’s reveal when the Overwatch Season 17 end date is. It’s imminent too, as Season 17 will be brought to an end on Tuesday, August 13. At the time of writing, that’s today so you better prepare yourselves for the end of the current season immediately.

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Overwatch seasons tend to last around two months which, in contrast to the likes of Fortnite, is a month shorter. It does mean that Blizzard is able to update its game on a more regular basis though, and bring new content to its legion of fans as a result.

In terms of when Season 18 will start, we expect that it’ll be sometime in the fall. The reason we think it’ll be around that time is that the Role Queue beta is set to be rolled out once Season 17 ends.

For those who are unaware, the Role Queue feature is a brand-new ranking system that Overwatch will look to implement. This introduces a system where players will have to pick a tank, damage, or support queue to join for matchmaking. Once you select what queue to be in, you won’t be able to switch between different classes once a match starts. Blizzard hopes that this will streamline matchmaking, and the beta is being used to see if it’s effective enough to use on a full-time basis.