The Easiest PlayStation Platinum Trophies Ever

Trophy hunting isn’t easy (especially for these games). Getting to a high level on PlayStation Network requires completionists to sink countless hours into titles on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Thankfully, a few games on these systems offer very achievable PlayStation platinum trophies. The following is a list of the easiest you can acquire on Sony’s hardware to boost your PSN level quickly and impress your friends.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Terminator: Salvation

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Should you browse through someone’s trophies on PSN and find Terminator: Salvation on their list, he or she is most likely a trophy hunter. Based off the movie of the same name, the game is widely considered easy among members of the community and is helpful in boosting one’s PSN level significantly, given that every trophy aside from the platinum is gold.

It’ll take about four hours to complete it in its entirety on hard difficulty, which is a requirement for one trophy. Everything else should be unlocked simply by playing through the game normally. Terminator: Salvation may be a short platinum but that’s a good thing, given how not good the game is.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Megamind: Ultimate Showdown

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Megamind: Ultimate Showdown is another licensed title based off a movie franchise that depicts a blue villain who gets bored with himself after defeating the hero. The family-friendly film is pretty great, but unfortunately the same can’t be said of the game. At least it includes a co-op mode that’s some fun if played with a human partner. Otherwise, Megamind: Ultimate Showdown is only worth the two hours it takes to earn its platinum. Players need to complete the game from beginning to end to make every trophy unlock.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – The Order: 1886

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

The Order: 1886 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive set in a steampunk version of London. It depicts a battle between the titular English organization and a reemerging clan of werewolves, making for a story filled a few intriguing plot twists. It’s gorgeous to look at, though does its gameplay lacks innovation. The Order: 1886‘s hardest trophies stem from gathering collectibles but nearly everything else can be unlocked by playing through the game normally. Overall, it’ll take users around six hours to earn this title’s platinum, which is already sad given how low its replayability already is.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Life is Strange

Autumn, Life Is Strange 2 Max and Chloe, PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Life is Strange perhaps offers the most enjoyable platinum to earn on this list. Protagonists Max and Chloe must explore the fictional town of Arcadia Bay to find the whereabouts of a missing girl, all while making good use of Max’s supernatural time rewind powers. Life is Strange is an emotional roller coaster that may have you shedding tears by the time its credits roll. The most challenging aspect of the title lies in collecting ten photos scattered throughout the game, which is made easier by its ingenious Collectible Mode that lets players easily snatch up what they’ve missed. Aside from that, trophy hunters only need to sit back and enjoy the ten-hour ride. Bring tissues.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Orc Slayer

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Orc Slayer is a first-person shooter that sees players exterminate a town invested with orcs. It’s fairly straightforward to earn most of the title’s 27 trophies, with the exception of a handful of quests that require players to diverge a little from the main path. Get ready to shoot a crossbow like never before. If one thing’s for certain, Orc Slayer isn’t the most sophisticated game ever made, given how you likely haven’t even heard of it.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Mr. Massagy

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Mr. Massagy is… interesting and definitely not in a good way. This dating simulator requires players to choose from a set of a dialogue options to romance a slew of bizarre characters, including a cow. A guide could help users breeze through the game and earn its platinum trophy in around 30 minutes. Earn it before the FBI catches on and shuts down the whole thing for good.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – My Name is Mayo

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

My Name is Mayo finally delivers on what PlayStation fans had demanded all these years: the ability to tap on a mayonnaise jar to see it try on different costumes. All of the trophies in this title are tied to clicking on the jar a certain amount of times with the X button. Users simply need to keep pressing on X to net themselves My Name is Mayo‘s platinum. The game is also on PlayStation Vita, meaning you can take your tapping adventures with you on the go. Mayonnaise is a gift that keeps on giving.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Hannah Montana: The Movie

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Earning Hannah Montana: The Movie‘s platinum trophy is a true test of endurance relative to this list. Though it’ll only take about four hours to acquire, singing “The Best of Both Worlds” multiple times in one day may question your reason for existing. In any case, users need to get five stars on every song to earn this highly coveted platinum. Though that may sound hard, it actually isn’t. It’s a Hannah Montana game. What more do I need to say?

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – The Little Acre

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

The Little Acre is a cute throwback to point-and-click adventure games. Its hand-drawn art style and fully voice acted character dialogue successfully immerses players into an alternate version of 1950’s Ireland. Simple puzzles make it easy for genre newcomers to enjoy it, too. The Little Acre only has 28 trophies, but nearly half can be missed if you’re not careful. Overall, it should take players around two hours to platinum this title.

Easy PlayStation Platinum Trophies – Pretty Much Every Telltale Game

PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Telltale games like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Back to the Future, Tales from the Borderlands, and more simply require players to experience each title from beginning to end to earn them a platinum trophy. Sometimes these games ask that users choose specific routes or collect certain items in the environment, though a guide should indicate what to look out for. In general, each Telltale game should net fans a platinum trophy in around 10 hours with little room for failure.

While the games above are all guaranteed to earn you platinums quickly, it’s important to also play those games you actually like. It’s easy to get lost in the addiction that is trophy hunting, after all. Your PSN profile is something like a badge of honor, representing those platinum trophies that you spent weeks on just because you love their corresponding games so much. Our unique gaming preferences are part of all the fun, and trophies should be considered an extension of that and perhaps only that.