The Most Expensive Video Game Collector’s Editions

Video game collector’s editions can offer some neat stuff sometimes. From Pip-Boys to night vision goggles, publishers have come up with unique incentives over the years to convince players to go the extra mile for their favorite franchises. Though this can backfire, as evidenced in the recent Fallout 76 Power Armor edition controversy, most earn a special place on fan shelves. Some can even earn a spot in a fan’s closet, garage, or backyard. The most expensive video game collector’s editions ever offered were each built to leave such an impression. See for yourself below.

Expensive Collector’s Editions – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s Mithril Edition

Collector's Editions

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is a great sequel that expands upon the Nemesis System of the first game. The title launched on August 22, 2017 with standard, gold, and Mithril editions. Inspired by the fictional metal of the same name in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings universe, this latter edition included a “premium” software case with a magnetized Ring of Power, a digital Mithril war chest, the game’s official soundtrack, a cloth map of Mordor, lithographs, a sticker pack, and a copy of the game.

The star of the package was a limited edition, 12-inch statue depicting a battle between a Tar-Goroth Balrog and a Carnan Drake. This seemed appropriate, given Shadow of War‘s new ability to mount winged beasts. This collector’s edition was offered exclusively at GameStop in North America for $300. It’s currently unavailable on the storefront, which means someone out there has got to have it.

Expensive Collector’s Editions – Assassin Creed Origins‘ Dawn of the Creed Edition

Collector's Editions

Do you love the Assassin’s Creed franchise? If so, are you willing to spend $800 for Assassin’s Creed Origins? Ubisoft certainly thought there was someone out there ready to drop that amount of money when it announced the title’s Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition prior to the game’s launch on October 27, 2017. Limited to 999 copies worldwide (with only 200 allocated for North America), this version of Origins was available exclusively on Ubisoft’s official online store alongside six other editions of the game.

The Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition included a hand-drawn map of the game’s version of Egypt, a resin replica of Bayek’s eagle skull amulet, four 15-inch by 11-inch lithographs signed by Ubisoft Montreal’s artists, two steel book cases, an art book, art cards, an official soundtrack, a numbered certificate of authenticity, a copy of the game, a season pass, and the “digital deluxe pack.” Of course, a 28.7-inch resin figurine of Bayek and his eagle Senu completed the set. Seeing as how this version of the game is currently out of stock, Ubisoft may have made the right call.

Expensive Collector’s Editions – Resident Evil 6’s Premium Jacket Edition

Collector's Editions

A lot of people out there wish they could be as cool as Leon S. Kennedy (myself included). Capcom caught on to this interest in 2012 as it was gearing up for the release of Resident Evil 6 on October 2. In Japan, the company offered a premium jacket edition that included a wearable leather replica of the zombie slayer’s coat for the low price of ¥105,000, or $1,300.

weThis version of the title included four tablet case covers (one for Chris, Leon, Jake, and a secret one), plus a copy of Resident Evil 6 for either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. If one thing’s for certain, whoever bought this is one cool person.

Expensive Collector’s Editions – Grid 2’s Mono Edition

Collector's Editions

Grid 2‘s Mono Edition literally offered a race car upon the game’s release on May 27, 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Once available only for fans residing in the U.K., this £125,000 edition of the title (which translated to roughly $188,700 at the time) allowed super car fanatics the ability to customize the vehicle at the BAC factory and included a racing suit and a copy of game. No one actually bought Grid 2‘s Mono edition, but aspiring speeders can go to BAC’s website to order their very own Mono whenever they see fit.

Expensive Collector’s Editions – Dying Light’s My Apocalypse Edition

Collector's Editions

Also available exclusively to U.K. video game fans, Dying Light‘s My Apocalypse edition was limited to only one lucky customer. He or she had to be willing enough to pay £250,000 (roughly $386,000 at the time) when the title launched in the country on February 27, 2015, but the perks may have been worth it. This is especially true for those with an unreasonable fear of zombies.

The package offered zombie avoidance parkour lessons from Ampisound (the team that helped film Dying Light‘s parkour POV video), a match with the developers, night vision goggles, adult diapers, two Razer Tiamat headphones, a human-sized Volatile figurine, a customized appearance as a Night Hunter, and a trip to Techland in Wroclaw, Poland.

There’s also the custom built zombie-proof shelter crafted by U.K.-based Tiger Log Cabins, which comes equipped with live-in amenities, a TV, an Xbox One, a sound system, and four copies of the game. What else are you going to do with your friends when everyone else is dead?

Expensive Collector’s Editions – Saints Row IV’s Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition

Collector's Editions

Saints Row IV offered an affordable $100 special edition when it debuted on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20, 2013. This Super Dangerous Wub Wub edition contrasted sharply with the Super Dangerous Wad Wad edition, which retailed for $1,000,000. Limited to only one copy, this super limited package included all the extravagant staples the franchise is known for.

The offerings included a Virgin Galactic space flight, a full-size replica dubstep gun, a hostage rescue experience, plastic surgery, a spy training day, a personal shopper, a capsule wardrobe, seven nights at the Top Royal Suite at the Burj Al-Arab, a first-class flight to Dubai, a week for two at the Jefferson Hotel, a first class flight to Washington D.C., a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Toyota Prius, one year’s worth of auto insurance, and a supercar membership. For $1,000,000, this all may not have been worth it, but at least one could feel like they’re living large for a little while.

Video game collector’s editions aren’t for everyone. While they help publishers earn a little extra profit and look nice on display, they should never replace one’s life necessities. Admittedly, it may be tempting to kill two birds with one stone by buying a game that comes with a custom built zombie-proof shelter. Thankfully, video games are mostly accessible by people of varying income, so there’s no need to prepare for the apocalypse just yet. For now, we can all continue to lose ourselves in our favorite software and travel to worlds where money isn’t everything.