DC Universe Streaming Service Release Date Announced

Not to be confused with the MMO game of the same name, The DC Comic premiere streaming service, DC Universe, has been given a release date, finally. It’s coming soon, too. The streaming platform will be your go-to place for all things DC, filled with new and old DC content. It will launch on September 15.

Introduced by Kevin Smith in a live stream video, the DC Universe streaming app will feature all of your favorite DC TV shows, films, and comics. This will range from classic shows such as Lois and Clark and Batman The Animated Series to brand new content. The first new show to hit the service will be Titans. For the unaware, Titans is an upcoming live-action show based on Teen Titans. Titans will hit DC Universe on October 12. The full DC Universe stream can be watched below:

Every show will be available to watch in HD, which is great news for all the older programmes on the service. Alongside the release date announcement of DC Universe, DC also announced a new original show – Doom Patrol. Jim Lee (DC’s chief operating officer) also shared some exciting news about Swamp Thing. “We have the creative freedom to tell a really dark version of Swamp Thing.” DC fans have a lot to look forward to.

In terms of pricing, DC Universe will set you back $7.99 a month. Or, you can pay $74.99 up-front for 15 months of pure, unbridled DC action. Anyone who subscribes before September 15 will automatically be entered into a competition. The winner of this competition will earn a tour of Warner Bros’ studios and a ride in the Batmobile. Yep. The Batmobile.

If this isn’t enough, a new daily DC news show, called DC Daily will also air on the platform. There’s more than enough DC for everyone, so dig in.