Fortnite YouTuber MaximilianMus allegedly sends fans to harass Twitch streamers, pins blame on Weest

MaximilianMus is a professional Fortnite YouTuber with 1.37 million subscribers, and according to fellow content creator Weest (386,000+ subs), he’s been directing his fanbase to harass a number of Twitch streamers and framing Weest as the perpetrator in the process.

Weest recently shared this news via Twitter, where he apologized to “anyone that’s been affected” by MaximilianMus’ reported bad behavior. In an effort to “spread awareness” about the actions of who he deems a “scumbag,” Weest uploaded a video in which he presents evidence in an effort to prove that he was not responsible for the recent spate of harassment carried out under his name.

The pair apparently have a history, with Weest claiming that he’s discussed and even interviewed Maximilian about displaying similar manipulative tendencies before. This is alleged to have made Weest a perceived “threat” and a resulting “target,” whereby he claims that under direction from Mus, a portion of his viewership will spout “transphobic,” “homophobic,” and “general distasteful things” in a chosen streamer’s chat while reporting to be acting on behalf of Weest.

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Weest, real name Jacob West, says that this is done in the hope that people will report his channel and “ultimately get [him] banned from Twitch,” resulting in the loss of  “90%” of his total income. While only really providing conjecture up this point, Weest then transitions into a recorded Discord conversation that seems to depict MaximilianMus and others instructing members of the channel to enter a targeted stream and copy/paste a message pinning Weest as the orchestrator of the offensive ongoing raid.

“A big youtuber called Weest is raiding Twitch streamers right now and he’s sending people here to be racist and homophobic…” reads the beginning of the message.

Weest discovered the evidence by going undercover on MaximilianMus’ Discord server with the screen name “ding,” but when Maximilian discovered the ruse, he alerted the channel to his presence and seemingly made a threat of violence by posting a picture of a gun and the caption “ME ON MY WAY TO WEESTS HOUSE.”


This breaking situation is still developing, and MaximilianMus is yet to make any official statement on Weest’s evidenced allegations. We’ll keep you updated on the situation as it happens.