NASCAR Thunder 2002 Xbox Cheats

Nascar Thunder 2002


Bonus Cars:

Type one of the following names at the driver creation screen to unlock their

car in any game mode.

Audrey Clark

Benny Parsons

Buster Auton

Cheryl King

Chuck Spicer

Crissy Hillsworth

Daryl Wolfe

Dave Alpern

Dave Nichols

Diane Grubb

Dick Paysor

Jim Hannigan

Joey Joulwan

Josh Neelon

Katrina Goode

Ken Patterson

Kristi Jones

Mandy Misiak

Michelle Emser

Rick Edwards

Rick Humphrey

Sasha Soares

Scott Brewer

Tom Renedo

Traci Hultzapple

Troi Hayes 


Albuquerque Track:

Finish first in point standings on the Full Season.

Boca Chica Track:

Finish first in points standings on the Road Course Challenge.

Cocoa Beach Track:

Finish first in points standings on the Superspeedway Shootout.

Devil’s Canyon Track:

Finish first in points standings on the Short Track Challenge.

Bonus Cars:

Win the points championship in Career mode to unlock Greg Biffle’s and Shane Hall’s

Busch car. Note: This also unlocks a clip in the EA Sports section. Win a 2nd

time to unlock Kevin Grubb’s and Randy LaJoie’s Busch car. Win a 3rd time to unlock

Jason Keller’s and Jamie McMurray’s Busch car. Win in career mode for the fourth

year to unlock Chad Little’s and Michael Waltrip’s Busch Cars.

FMV Sequences:

Beat season mode to unlock a new FMV sequence each time that it is done.

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