WarioWare: Smooth Moves Wii Cheats

Movie Theatre mode:

Play Wario's stage.

Sound Studio:

Complete at least twenty games in a row in Thrilling mode.

Temple Of Form:

Play at one Microgame.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Minigame on the map screen.

Balloon Trip: Complete Dr Crygor's workout stage.

Block Star: Complete Young Cricket's Microgames.

Can Shooter: Complete Ashley's Microgames.

Pyoro S: Play all Microgames for every character.

Tortoise & Hare: Complete Orbulon's Microgames.

Tower Tennis: Complete Kat and Ana's Microgames.

Multi-player games:

Complete Tiny Wario's stage in single player mode to unlock the "Multi" option at the main menu. Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding game on the Multi screen.


Balloon: Play a game of Lifeline.

Bomb: Play a game of Survival.

Bungee Buddies: Play a game of Star Nose.

Darts: Available at start.

Lifeline: Play a game of Bomb.

Star Nose: Play a game of Darts.

Survival: Available at start.

Elephant buildings:

Successfully complete story mode with the following conditions to unlock the corresponding building.

All Mixed Up Building:

Successfully complete the Tiny Wario stage. This building has random Microgames.

Super Hard Building:

Get at least 30 points in the All Mixed Up Building. This building is very fast.

Sudden Death Building:

Get at least 20 points in the Super Hard Building. This building only allows one life.


Get at least 10 points in the Sudden Death Building. This building does not have Form cards.

Control title screen:

Hold the Wiimote towards the title screen, with the buttons facing the screen. Wave it back and forth and you can make little images appear. Move the pointer on Wario's mustache and you can pull it.

Chris Hardewig.

Diamond City map:

Zoom in on the Diamond City map by pressing Plus and you can find these:

Tourist Info Island

Location: Top right corner

You can hear floating voices that are supposed to be calming.

Tourist Info

Location: Top left corner

Says that you can see tomorrow from there.

Form Thoughts

Location: Bottom left

Lists the form baton basics learned at the beginning of the game.

Town Bulletin Board

Location: Bottom Middle

Random posts from characters. The characters perform little animations. For example, with Wario his pants fall down.