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PUBG Update 20 Patch Notes: Scooter, Beryl M762, Bomb Kit, and VSS Kit Added

PUBG Update 20 has appeared on PC, with the brand new patch introducing a scooter, a new AR in the form of the Beryl M762, along with some bug fixes and an update on the Tukshai. The update also brings with it two new custom game presets, with Bomb Kit and VSS Kit introduced to the battle royale game for the first time. Read on to find out what the PUBG PC 1.0 Update 20 has to offer:


PUBG Update 20 Patch Notes: Sanhok Scooter Replaces Motorbikes

The PUBG scooter will now replace the motorbikes on Sanhok, with the brand new vehicle appearing exclusively on the map. The scooter has lower speed and an increased turning circle compared to the motorbike, though shares the same HP. It’s a two-seater, so you and a squadmate can hop on board and slowly make your way to your rivals.

PUBG Update 20 Patch Notes: New AR Beryl M762

PUBG Update 20 PC 1.0 update

It may have the same name as your grandma, but the Beryl M762 is a lethal bit of kit. A “versatile Assault Rifle,” the Beryl M762 spawns on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. It uses 7.62mm ammunition and can load up to 30 rounds, or 40 with an extended magazine. It can equip scopes and a grip, and while it has lower bullet damage than an AKM, it has a higher firing rate. This means more DPS if you get a good handle on the recoil.

PUBG Update 20 Patch Notes: Tukshai Release Date

The Tukshai is an upcoming three-wheeled vehicle exclusive to Sanhok, and while it was believed it’d launch in the PUBG PC 1.0 Update 20, Bluehole has confirmed that will no longer be the case. The dev noted that higher priority tasks have caused them to spend a little more time fine-tuning the vehicle, with it now being released in September.

PUBG Update 20 Patch Notes: Bomb Kit and VSS Kit

With this brand new update, all players will be able to access custom match settings, even if they aren’t the owner of the session. Two more custom game presets have been added under War Mode, including a dodgeball-esque mode titled Bomb Kit, which only makes use of throwables such as grenades and molotovs. The appropriately titled VSS Kit is a mode which only makes use of the VSS.

PUBG Update 20 Patch Notes: Improvements in the PUBG PC 1.0 Update 20

More changes to PUBG include a decrease of the minimum players required to start a custom match, with the bar being lowered from 10 to 8, reporting system improvements that allow players to report others even if the Deathcam’s target wasn’t highlighted properly, and a fixed-person perspective that adds TPP Aim Camera Position to the game’s options. You can now also report your teammates, so if a guy on your team is hassling your other squad members, you no longer have to simply grin and bear it.

All-in-all it’s a relatively large update, with a brand new vehicle to enjoy and some quality of life improvements that will please long-time players. The update is now live, so you can go right ahead nad in