Box art - Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Day One Update – How to Install

A Red Dead Redemption 2 day one update has been announced by Rockstar. As to be expected from a game of this size, a launch day patch will be rolled out when the game is released on October 26. What’s worth knowing about the update, and how do you go about downloading it?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Day One Update – What is it?

The day one patch is, according to Rockstar Games’ official website, an update that fixes a few minor bugs that were discovered in the game ahead of launch day, as well as a couple of under-the-hood tweaks. There’s been no official word on how big the day one update will be but, given that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a massive title, take it as fair warning that it’ll be a decent-sized patch to download.

Rockstar has also explained that it’ll be best to have the update installed on your chosen device before you launch Red Dead Redemption 2 for the first time. This will give you the best chance of having a stable game upon launch, and let you get right into the action without having to sit around waiting for the patch to install.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Day One Update – How to Install it Automatically

For those who don’t want to wait around for the update to install when you first start up your Xbox One or PS4, there is an option to allow automatic updates to occur on your chosen platform. You’ll need to keep your console on at its power outlet to enable updates to take place, so don’t turn them off at the plug.

PS4 users will want to head to the “Settings” tab on the main menu. From there, click on “Power saving settings” and “Set features available in rest mode.” Tick the box next to “Stay connected to the internet” and “Enable turning on PS4 from network.”

For Xbox One users, you can access the “System” menu by pressing and holding the “X” logo on your controller. From there, head to “Updates” and select “Keep my console up to date” and “Keep my games & apps up to date.”