Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault PC Cheats

Cheat Code

First of all start the game with the command-line parameter "+set developer 1" to enable the cheats. Please make sure you use this parameter with the mohpa.exe file and not the mohpa_setup.exe file which is installed to your desktop by default. It should look like this - "C:Medal of Honor Pacific Assaultmohpa.exe" +set developer 1

Once You start the game using the modified shortcut, press [~] while playing to bring up the console and enter one of the following codes there:

dog - God Mode

wuss - All Weapons

fullheal - Full Health

notarget - Enemies Ignore You

noclip - No Clipping Mode

fps 1 - Show FPS

maplist - Load Any Level (double-click map name)

map [mapname] - Load Map [mapname] (use names from maplist)

Alternate Method

Instead of using the command-line parameter, you can edit your player config file, located by default in "My DocumentsEA GamesMedal of Honor Pacific Assaultconfigs". Please keep in mind this means You'll be altering a file so make a backup before You start. Now, the default file is "unnamedsoldier.cfg". Open this file with Wordpad.exe. Go down to the section // Cvars and add the following line to this section:

seta developer "1"

Save the file. This should enable console once you go back into the game.

Alternate Method #2

If you still cannot get the console to come up, you can actually bind the cheats to keys using the config file which does not require access to the console. Open your config file with Wordpad.exe (located by default in "My DocumentsEA GamesMedal of Honor Pacific Assaultconfigs"). Again keep in mind You'll be altering a file so make a backup before You do it. The default file is "unnamedsoldier.cfg". Under the // Key Bindings section, simply change any of the bindings to the cheat codes. For example:

bind F1 "dog"

bind F2 "fullheal"

Demo Cheat Codes

To enable this cheat mode, start Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault with the following parameters: "+set ui_console 1" (without the quotes). The shortcut would look like this  - "C:Program FilesEA GAMESMedal of Honor Pacific Assault Demomohpa_demo.exe" +set ui_console 1. After doing that, try out these new weapons by typing the following codes into the console:

spawn weapons/springfield_m1903_sniper - awesome american sniper rifle

spawn weapons/usthompson - thompson auto rifle with 50 round drum

spawn weapons/us_thompson_30 - thompson auto rifle with 30 round magazine

spawn weapons/us_garand - arand semi auto rifle

spawn weapons/reising - reising rifle

spawn weapons/johnson - awesome johnson auto lmg

spawn weapons/model97_sniper - jap sniper

spawn weapons/us_axe - axe

spawn weapons/JPN_44.hag - Machine gun

spawn weapons/landmine_allied.hag - Landmine

spawn weapons/US45.hag - US 45

spawn weapons/JPN_Model96LMG.hag - 96 LMG

spawn weapons/type100_smg.hag - SMG

spawn weapons/US_Colt45.hag - Colt .45

spawn items/binoculars.hag - Binoculars

spawn weapons/us_bar - bar auto rifle


There is one unlockable medal on the Pearl Harbor mission. When you are running to your PT boat, pick up a wounded sailor and carry him to either the nurse or navy docter. Do this 3x and get the medal. If you cant find enough sailors, just wait until some get shot by boot camp, you can recieve medals depending on your shooting accuracy, theres a 50%,75%,and 100% medal. If you get 100%, you will get all 3.