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Atlas v9.2 Update Patch Notes – What’s Been Fixed?

No, you’re not seeing things. There is, indeed, an Atlas v9.2 update already making its way to you. It’s a pretty interesting one, too, building on past updates in such a way that it now feels like the right amount of fine-tuning rather than firefighting is taking place. Speaking of fire (I nailed that segue), the Atlas v9.2 update brings a further flame arror nerf, as well as changing taming and in-game Companies. The Atlas v9.2 update patch notes also comes with its fair share of bug fixes, which we’ll cover too.

Atlas v.9.2 – Flame Arrows

Flame arrows in Atlas are now no longer the godly death-raining proejctile they once were. The new update sees minimum damage on flame arrows reduced by a third, bow durability taking a 20 percent hit, and the range distance has taken a tumble too, thanks to increased gravity. The max damage, meanwhile, is now set at 50.

Atlas v.9.2 – Taming Changes

That’s not all that’s different after Atlas v9.2 has been downloaded to your game client. Studio Wildcard has made both taming and general resource gathering that much less painful by doubling its speeds. Every tamed animal now also comes with a potential of 30 minimum tame-up levels, so if you’ve got a level 8 animal tamed, you’ll be able to get 38 tame-ups.

Atlas v.9.2 – Companies

Prefer the company of, y’know, real people to furry friends? You’ll be pleased to know that all Company and Alliance data has now been recovered following a bug, though Company numbers are now hardcoded to 500 members, with the developers promising to work on the “backend” of the feature in the near-future.

Atlas v.9.2 – Bug Fixes

Finally, the following bugs have been found and squashed:

  • Inland water buoys are no longer invisible
  • Mortars can no longer rapid fire
  • PvP ship damage can no longer take effect, even if accidental, in PvE servers
  • Upkeep timers on PvE Claimflags now update correctly

Atlas v.9.2 Patch Notes

The full patch notes below are taken from the official Atlas forums.

  • Default resource and taming speeds have been increased to 2x as the baseline.
  • Reduced min damage and min percentage on flame arrow buff by 33 percent.
  • Reduced max damage done on flame arrow projectile hit to 50.
  • Increased gravity on flame arrows 20 percent to make it less ranged.
  • Increased firegel cost of flame arrows by 100 percent.
  • Added durability consumption to flame and stone arrows (1 dura per shot, 40 shots per bow repair).
  • Change bow durability from 50 to 40.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Mortars to have rapid fire.
  • Fixed an issue where upkeep timer on PVE Claimflags was not correctly updating.
  • Company Member, Company Groups, and Alliance data loss issue should hopefully be resolved.
  • Official Network Companies are now hard limited to 500 members, and this is a current measure until the Company system receives a backend overhaul in the long-term.
  • Fixed inland water buoy’s being invisible and fixed buoys, so they no longer prevent resource respawn.
  • Prevent ship collision damage from occurring when caused by other player ships on PVE servers.
  • Fixed sunken-ship area indicator lingering even after a shipwreck has been entirely salvaged.
  • Reduced deepwater aggressive creature frequency and targetting range.
  • Melee weapons are now temporarily ineffective against ship planks. Later this will be changed so that it will only be ineffective against anchored ship planks.
  • Sailing against the wind now provides 30 percent of with-the-wind sailforce, as opposed to 0 percent.
  • Also increased the amount of sailforce provided by minimum windspeed conditions by 30 percent, and the sailforce provided by maximum windspeed conditions by 15 percent.
  • Every Tame can now get a minimum of 30 tame level-ups put into it, plus however many base levels it had when wild. So for example, a level 5 wild wolf would get 35 tame level-ups to apply, whereas a level 40 wild wolf would get 70 tame level-ups to use.
  • Increased the base carry Weight of all ships by +40 percent.