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Resident Evil 2 Flamethrower location and upgrades

So you want to know where to find the Resident Evil 2 remake Flamethrower, eh? We don’t blame you, as it’s the perfect weapon for toasting those zombies who are after your flesh. You’ll want to know about the Flamethrower’s upgrades too, we bet. We’ve got the info you need about Resident Evil 2 Flamethrower location and upgrades.

Where is the Flamethrower location in Resident Evil 2?

Resident Evil 2 Chemical Flamethrower location queen plug

To locate the Resident Evil 2 Chemical Flamethrower, you must head to the sewers. In the corridor that leads to the cable car platform from the treatment room, you can pick up a red-handled tool that’s sitting on a table. Take it with you, head back to the lower waterway section of the sewers, walk down the flight of stairs next to the bottom waterway, and use it to open the blue door.

Enter this new area. Climb down the ladder, wade through the water — watch out for the G-Adults — and take the first left up a rocky slope. Jump down underneath the sewer pipe above, and wade through more sewer water. Walk all the way to the back until you see a doorway with a red light above it. Climb up the ledge on the left side, walk through the door, and go up the staircase.

You’ll be in the Supplies Storage Room. There’s a puzzle you’ll need to solve here involving Chess Plugs. Besides nabbing the plugs, the Flamethrower will also be one of your prizes.

Resident Evil 2 Flamethrower upgrade location

Resident Evil 2 Chemical Flamethrower upgrade regulator

There’s only one Flamethrower upgrade. It’s called the regulator, and it makes your fuel last longer than normal. This allows you to burn more zombies, which is always useful.

You can find the Flamethrower upgrade in the laboratory nap room in the NEST compound. From the reception area, head through the door and down the corridor that takes you to the cafeteria. Once inside, find a ladder in the back of the room and head up into the vent.

Follow it around, jump down, head through the door, and turn right. This will take you through another door — watch out for any zombies — and look for lockers on your left in the nap room. The first one you come across has the regulator in it.

Can Claire get the Flamethrower in Resident Evil 2 remake?

Resident Evil 2 Chemical Flamethrower Claire

No, she can’t. Only Leon can get the Resident Evil 2 Chemical Flamethrower, and it doesn’t matter which run of his you perform. Whether it’s the 1st or 2nd run, Leon will always have the chance to get it, providing you complete the puzzle above.

Claire can’t get the Flamethrower as she’s in a different part of the game. Instead, Claire can get the spark shot. This weapon allows you to zap zombies with an electrical current. It’s not as cool as the Resident Evil 2 Flamethrower, mind you.