Box art - Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3 PS3 Cheats

Unlockable Secret Modes

Butterflies Mode - Reach level 5 in Zen Mode.

Diamond Mine Mode - Complete four challenges of the first relic in Quest Mode (which also unlocks the second relic).

Ice Storm Mode - Score over 100,000 in Lightning Mode.

Poker Mode - Reach level 5 in Classic Mode.

Unlockable - Trophies

There are 7 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

All That Glitters (Gold) - Complete all non-Elite Bejeweled 3 badges to Gold level or higher.

Blazing Speed (Silver) - Obtain Blazing Speed in a Lightning game.

Butterfly Guardian (Silver) - Save 100 butterflies in a Butterflies game.

Cold Feat (Silver) - Get a x5 multiplier in Ice Storm.

Diamond Miner (Silver) - Reach a depth of 200m or lower in a Diamond Mine game.

Elite Gem Wielder (Bronze) - Complete one of the Elite Bejeweled 3 badges.

Friendly Fire (Bronze) - Detonate a Flame Gem.

Game in Hand (Bronze) - Unlock all 8 game modes in Bejeweled 3.

Lightning Storm (Bronze) - Get a x5 multiplier in a Lightning game.

Relics Revealed (Bronze) - Unlock all 5 relics in Quest mode.

Skull Crusher (Bronze) - Destroy a skull in Poker mode.

Supercharged (Bronze) - Detonate 2 Star Gems in one move.