Snapchat Streaks | How to do Streaks on Snapchat

Depending on who you ask, Streaks mean two entirely different things. One of them involves a nude person interrupting a sporting event for a shot at fame/infamy, while the other is Snapchat Streaks. These aren’t quite so risque, at least, not if you don’t want them to be. In this guide on how to do Streaks on Snapchat, we’ll tell you exactly what Snapchat Streaks are and how to make them happen.

Snapchat Streaks | How to do Streaks on Snapchat

How to do Streaks on Snapchat

Snapchat Streaks are a simple feature that can be used in the Snapchat app. A Snapchat Streak simply means a daily back-and-forth between two friends on the app with either an image or a video clip.

To earn yourself a Snapchat Streak, all you need to do is send and receive an image or a video clip via a Direct Snap with a friend on Snapchat each day for at least three days in a row. The longer you keep sending and receiving an image or video clip to and from a friend, the higher the Snapchat Streak number will rise.

Be warned, however, that as soon as one of the two in the Streak party forgets to send an image or video clip, the Streak will come to an end. Aside from proof of popularity and quality content, however, there is a reason for taking on the quest for long-lasting Snapchat Streaks, too.

You will earn new emojis for lengthy Snapchat Streaks. You’ll first receive a fire emoji for beginning a Streak, but that will be added to with a “100” emoji once a Streak has gone on for 100 days at least. A mountain emoji can also be earned for a really long-lasting Streak.

Of course, the true meaning behind a long-lasting Snapchat Streak is one of friendship. There is no follower count on Snapchat, so the Streak numbers are your best bet of proving how popular and quality your Direct Snaps are.