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Judgment Bomb Locations | Angel of the Warrior’s Maze solution

Well, those Judgment bomb locations probably rank right up there as the biggest head-scratchers in the game, right? Not only do they task you with tracking down the man responsible in a series of Mad Bomber Side Cases, but there’s also a bunch of incredibly obtuse riddles to figure out. So, where is the Angel of the Warrior’s Maze? And what exactly does Ox in the Inn mean? We’ve done some snooping around here at GameRevolution and tracked down where to find all Judgment bomb locations so you can defuse the bomb within 5 minutes, no sweat.

Judgment Bomb Locations (Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber Mission #1) | An Angel of the Warrior’s Maze solution

Judgment bomb location

The first of the Judgment bomb Side Cases comes in the form of the Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber mission. During the course of the game, you’ll come across a ticking bomb, which Yagami eventually defuses. Later, the detective then gets a mysterious call from a blocked number pointing you in the direction of another bomb with a riddle: It’s found in “An Angel of the Warrior’s Maze.” You’re then given a five-minute time limit to find the bomb.

While Judgment eventually relents and points you in the right direction after two minutes, it’s a hell of a lot easier if we just give you the answer: It’s by Earth Angel in the Champion’s District. Somehow, this is the easiest of the three clues to decipher.

Judgment Bomb Locations (The Mad Bomber Strikes Again Mission #2) | An Ox in the Inn solution

Judgment bomb location

Once you pass Theater Square sometime after Chapter 6 (though it’s not clear when this mission unlocks), you’ll get another call. Yep, that’s right. It’s the bomber again. To complete The Mad Bomber Strikes Again, you’ll have to solve the “An Ox in an Inn” riddle. This actually requires you to brush up on your Japanese but, if you don’t have a guide book handy, the location of where you need to go is the Akaushimaru restaurant in the Hotel District. Akaushimaru features the Japanese word for “Ox” apparently. Who knew?

Judgment Bomb Locations (Return of the Mad Bomber Mission #3) | The Pigeon Coos Among the Cherry Blossoms

Judgment bomb locations

Speak to Tsukumo who is standing outside to the north-west of the Millennium Tower to begin the third Mad Bomber mission. Return of the Mad Bomber, however, only seems to unlock once you’ve finished the main story.

You know the drill by now. You’ll get a clue: The Pigeon Coos Among the Cherry Blossoms. The game will eventually tell you to head to Poppo on Pink Street. That’s a slight error. It’s just off Pink Street; the game labels it as the Poppo on Showa Street.

Go there, and you’ll be met with not only a cinematic of Yagami defusing the bomb, but the bomber himself! Beat him up in a ludicrously easy fight and you will have finished the questline.