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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Orichalcum Location | Where to find Orichalcum ore

Orichalcum ore is a key ingredient in crafting some of the most potent items in Dragon Quest Builders 2. When you complete the story, you’ll get a recipe that calls for Orichalcum, but you won’t get any clues as to where you’ll find the rare material. The requirements to seek out the Orichalcum location in Dragon Quest Builders 2 can be somewhat steep, but we’ll show you exactly where you need to go to find it.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Orichalcum location

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Defiled Isle location

First off, you can’t get any Orichalcum until you’ve finished the story of Dragon Quest Builders 2. If you’re still working on completing it, the island you need to go to find it won’t be on the map yet.

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Once you complete the game, two more explorer islands will be added to your travel map. To find Orichalcum, you’ll need to save up 3,000 Gratitude from your citizens on the Isle of Awakening. Farming these can be a pain, but you can check our guide for some tips.

Once you have 3,000 Gratitude, you should unlock Defiled Isle. This is the location where you can find Orichalcum ore.

How to find Orichalcum in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Orichalcum Location

So, if you’re just wondering around Defiled Isle, you’re not going to find any Orichalcum ore. This is one of the better-hidden block types in Dragon Quest Builders 2, and you can find it in a location you’d typically avoid.

The explorer’s islands are randomized each time you visit them, but will always have a few familiar features. In the Defiled Isle, you’ll always find one large poisonous lake. Usually, you’d just ignore poison pools, after all the only time you’ve needed to enter one was during a story mission in Moonbrooke. To get Orichalcum, you’re going to have to go against your better instinct and dive into that nasty purple liquid head first.

To find Orichalcum on the Defiled Isle, you’ll need to find the big poison pool and start draining it. You can use your Bottomless Pot to start siphoning the poison out. You’ll want to look for little rock formation which has ore in the middle. It usually only takes one swipe of your pot when you’re near one to uncover it, so you don’t actually have to drain the whole lake.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Orichalcum Forge

My strategy, since the poison lake is always long, but not very wide, is to start at one side on one end and use the bottomless pot to slowly drain the poison as I move toward the other end. It can take a while, but you can make sure you don’t miss any ore that way.

Once you uncover the Orichalcum vein, you can just mine it with your hammer like you would any other mineral. A few whacks and you’ll get a chunk of Orichalcum ore.

How to farm Orichalcum ore in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Unfortunately, each time you load Defiled Isle and dredge the poison lake, you’re only going to get around 5-6 pieces of Orichalcum. As far as I’ve found this is the only place in the game to get Orichalcum ore, which makes getting mass quantities of it a tricky thing to pull off.

I haven’t found a decent farming method for Orichalcum in Dragon Quest Builders 2 yet. When you get every piece of ore in the poison lake, you’ll need to warp back to the dock, then go back to the Isle of Awakening, then back to the Defiled Isle again to get the Orichalcum veins to respawn. Once you’re back, you’ll need to find the poison lake and repeat the process again.

Fortunately, the recipes in Dragon Quest Builders 2 that call for Orichalcum don’t need much of it, and you don’t have to refine it into ingots to use it.