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Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 End Date

Although we have only just begun our Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 adventures, it’s always good to know when seasons such as this end. Luckily, that’s where we come in. If you’d like to find out what the Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 end date is scheduled to be, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out just how much time you’ll have to max out Rocket Pass 4 in Rocket League.

What is the Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 End Date?

Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 end date

Through its official Rocket League website, Psyonix has detailed when we can expect the Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 to end. It turns out that Rocket Pass 4 will continue for a three-month total runtime before things come to their natural conclusion. The Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 end date is currently scheduled to be December 3, 2019. That means that you will have from today all the way through to December 3, 2019 in order to reach Rocket Pass 4 Tier 70 and beyond into the Pro Tiers.

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Thankfully, Psyonix is making things easier this time around in terms of leveling up through the Tiers. For example, you can buy the Rocket Pass 4 Premium Bundle, which costs 20 Keys (around $19.99). Buying the Premium Bundle will grant you an immediate unlock of 12 Tiers, seemingly no matter when you choose to upgrade. Weekly Challenges are a little friendlier this time around, too: You will be able to play through Weekly Challenges from when they first go live, right to the end of Rocket Pass 4 on December 3. You don’t have to sweat about rushing through them anymore.

While Rocket Pass 4 is currently scheduled to end on December 3, 2019, things can always change. We will keep an eye on the end date and update this post if necessary. For now, though, expect Rocket Pass 4 to last through today until December 3.