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Astral Chain Manual Saves and Autosave | How to save mid-mission

PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain is split up into twelve levels called Files. These Files range in length from just two short chapters to nine or more, meaning you could be spending several hours within a single File. If you’re looking to take a break or simply want to change the look of your character or Legions, you may be wondering how to save or how to return to HQ. The Astral Chain saving system is pretty complicated, as it will preserve different completed actions depending on how you quit a File. In this Astral Chain saving guide, we’ll cover how to create manual saves, how to save mid-mission, and how Astral Chain autosaves work.

Astral Chain | How to save manually

Astral Chain How to save manually

The complications of Astral Chain’s saving system begin with manual saves. These can’t be made mid-mission; the only place you can save manually is at the Neuron HQ. To do this, head to the PC in the corner of the main briefing room. At the bottom of the list of options on the PC, you’ll see the option to save your game, and you can do so in one of two slots: A or B. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as saving the game, knowing you’re good to move on, and coming back to this state if you mess up. We’ll cover the things you should be aware of in the next section.

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Astral Chain | Autosaving guide

Astral Chain Autosaving guide

Depending on the context, Astral Chain’s autosaves overwrite certain actions you’ve taken since saving. We’ll go over the main autosaving situations below.


As you progress through the story, Astral Chain will create autosaves at various points in the game (at the start of chapters, etc.). These will automatically overwrite the save in whichever slot you initially loaded into, even if it’s a manual save. If you find yourself in either of the situations we describe below, this can lead to varying degrees of lost progress. For this reason, we recommend always manually saving in both Slot A and Slot B when you save at HQ. This will allow you to have a back-up save slot if you decide you want to return to a previous save state.


If you find yourself growing tired of your character’s look and want to return to HQ, the only way to do so is aborting the current File. You can do this by heading to “File Options” in the Legatus menu and selecting “To Start of File.” When you do this, not only will you lose out on all the quests you completed and the items you collected while out in the field, you’ll also undo everything you did since you spawned at HQ at the beginning of the File. This means that if you upgraded your Legion or X-Baton stats, changed your Legion’s colors, or changed your equipment at HQ, all of that will be reset, and you’ll have to do it over again. Cutscenes will also replay, and any quests you completed at HQ (like Lappy’s quest at the beginning of File 05) will have to be completed again. The only thing we could find that carried over when resetting a File was saved equipment color schemes. So if you spent time creating the perfect purple for your character’s jacket, you won’t lose that when returning to the start of the File.


If you’re dabbling in the Astral Chain File replay system at the PC to hunt for missed collectibles, you could also end up losing progress when returning to HQ. Luckily, it won’t be as much as aborting a File in progress, but it’s still something to be aware of. Unlike returning to HQ from a current File, returning to the current File when leaving the File replay menu won’t undo any upgrades you applied before jumping in. While you’ll keep things like your chosen equipment and Legion colors, however, you’ll still have to rewatch any cutscenes at the beginning of the current File and redo any quests you completed at HQ. This can help make sure you don’t, for instance, have to manually click through the five or six cutscenes at the beginning of File 07 every time you return from hunting for the first six Astral Chain cat locations.

Keep in mind that the File replay autosave will be created as soon as you enter the old File, so even if you immediately change your mind and exit the old File, you’ll still have to restart the File you were in when you accessed the PC. This is why creating a back-up by saving in both Slots A and B is important, since you can simply return to the title screen and load up Slot B instead. We recommend thinking carefully about the File you just started before jumping into File replay.