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Mario Kart Tour Unlock Characters | Musician Mario and Pauline

Our Mario Kart Tour unlock characters guide is here to bring you all of the details surrounding the game’s special characters. Each tour will bring new playable characters to the table, so you’ll need to keep your eyes out for when your favorite arrives in DeNA’s mobile phone racing title. First up on the docket are Musician Mario and Pauline, who you’ll know from Super Mario Odyssey. If you want to get your hands on either of these, you’ll have to read our Mario Kart Tour unlock characters article to find out how.

Mario Kart Tour Unlock Characters | Musician Mario and Pauline

As we mentioned, kicking off our Mario Kart Tour unlock characters article is Musician Mario and Pauline. To add either of these playable characters to your roster, you’ll need to complete one very simple act.

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For Musician Mario, the only thing you’ll have to do is take part in the New York tour. This is the first tour that will come to the game when it’s released on September 25, so everyone should have a good chance at adding Musician Mario to their cast.

There aren’t specific details on how you can unlock Musician Mario yet, but we suspect he’ll be a reward of some sort. He could be a character that you can buy in the shop using Grand Stars. Alternatively, you could be gifted him if you complete the New York tour before it disappears. Musician Mario’s skill lets you throw two Bob-ombs at once, so he’ll be someone worth picking up.

Pauline, meanwhile, will be making her debut in the Mario Kart franchise in Mario Kart Tour. Again, we expect her to be a purchasable character from the store or a reward for beating the New York tour. Pauline’s skill will allow her to get the Lucky Seven item from item boxes. It’ll work the same way that the Eight Items weapon in Mario Kart 8 works, too.

Remember, this duo will only be available during the New York tour. This lasts for a fortnight after launch date, so if you want them, you’ll have to get them before October 8.