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Why isn’t Luigi in Mario Kart Tour?

There’s been a bit of a backlash over the absence of a Luigi Mario Kart Tour playable character. Mario’s iconic brother should have been an obvious inclusion in DeNA’s mobile phone racing title, but he’s nowhere to be seen. We’re as disappointed as you in not being able to give that hilarious Luigi side-eye. If you want to know why Luigi isn’t in Mart Kart Tour, we’re here to help. Read our Luigi Mario Kart Tour guide to get the lowdown on his absence.

Luigi Mario Kart Tour | Tie-in appearance

Luigi Mario Kart Tour

Given that the green-clothed plumber has featured in every Mario Kart iteration in the past, the lack of a Luigi Mario Kart Tour character has left the community quite disappointed. After all, there are plenty of you who would love to play as Luigi and lead him to karting dominance.

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After the game was released on September 25, players noticed that he was absent from the playable character roster. One Twitter user going by the username tj99er posted an image that proved Luigi isn’t available in the driver selection menu.

It seems very odd on DeNA’s part not to include him, but we have our reasons as to why he hasn’t been. Luigi’s Mansion 3, the next installment in his spooky franchise, is due to be released on October 31. With the game set to land on the Nintendo Switch on Halloween, it could be that Nintendo and DeNA are looking to add Luigi to Mario Kart Tour as a tie-in event.

By patching him into DeNA’s game around Halloween, Nintendo could generate buzz for Luigi’s Mansion 3 among mobile phone players. That would lead to potentially increased sales of the game and the Switch console. It would be a marketing ploy, sure, but could very well work. There’s no other reason than this not to include Luigi in Mario Kart Tour, so we’ll be shocked if this doesn’t happen.