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Apex Legends 1.22 Update Patch Notes | Fight or Fright event

It’s spooky how many games are giving us Halloween events, which includes Apex Legends. In this Apex Legends 1.22 update guide, we’ll let you in on everything you can expect from the latest update to EA and Respawn’s battle royale. This includes the Apex Legends Fight or Fright event. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Apex Legends 1.22 update patch notes. Stick with us a little while longer, however, to read through the Apex Legends version 1.22 update highlights below.

Apex Legends 1.22 Update Highlights | Fight or Fright event

Apex Legends 1.22 Update

Will you fight, or will you let out a little fright? That’s what EA and Respawn will be asking you when the Halloween event, Fight or Fright, goes live on Apex Legends. Thanks to the official Apex Legends website, we now know an awful lot about the limited-time collection event.

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Apex Legends Fight or Fright Event Start and End Time

The Fight or Fright event begins on October 15 and should last until November 5. Unfortunately, neither developer or publisher has revealed the exact start and end times. Just know that the event should run through the dates above.

What is the Apex Legends Halloween event?

You’ll find plenty to get on with during the Fight or Fright event. It brings with it new premium, limited cosmetics that you can unlock through Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, and Event Apex Packs. There are exclusive event challenges, complete with exclusive themed rewards including Legendary Weapon Skins.

During the event, Kings Canyon is back, too. It will be… a little different from how you remember it, however. The event brings with it Shadowfall, an LTM that you’ll play in a twisted, dark version of Kings Canyon. Shadowfall is for up to 35 solo players, dropped into the spooky version of Kings Canyon. When you die in Shadowfall, however, you come back as a zombie as part of the “Shadow Squad.”

You won’t be able to use weapons or any Legend abilities, but you will be faster, able to scale walls, and damage opponents with a fierce melee attack. As you are undead, you have infinite respawns when you are a part of the Shadow Squad. The final ten living players will need to work together in order to escape via an evac ship, while the Shadow Squad attempts to stop it.

Apex Legends 1.22 Update Patch Notes

Unfortunately, the update patch notes aren’t live as of writing. We’ve detailed the event above, but, for the balance changes and other minor tweaks implemented with the new Apex Legends update, we’ll update this post once the information becomes available.