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Fortnite Cardboard Box Location | How to use the Creepin’ Cardboard item

Of all the new and returning items to Fortnite thanks to the Chapter 2 Season 2 update, the most interesting (see: fun) is the Fortnite Cardboard Box. All of a sudden, you can live out your Solid Snake fantasies in everyone’s favorite battle royale game. In this guide, we’ll let you in on where to find the cardboard box consumable, and how to use the Creepin’ Cardboard item. It’s time to sneak up on your enemies. They’ll never suspect a moving cardboard box to have an enemy inside.

Fortnite Cardboard Box Location | How to use the Creepin’ Cardboard item

Fortnite Cardboard Box

What is the Fortnite Cardboard Box Item?

Before we let you in on how to use and how to get the new cardboard box item in Fortnite, we thought we ought to let you know what it is. Much like in the Metal Gear Solid series, when you get hold of a Creepin’ Cardboard consumable in Fortnite, you can hide in it. In total, you can place down up to five cardboard boxes at any time, you throw them down onto the floor as you would other similar items. Based on the screenshot above, it looks as though you are able to fire your weapon from inside the Creepin’ Cardboard box, too.

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Where to find Fortnite Cardboard Box location

Presumably, like the Bush item before it, the Creepin’ Cardboard is a consumable that you find in item drops from chests and supply drops. As stated above, once you have found the item, you can deploy up to five of them at once. This is perfect if you’re playing in a group.

Interestingly, the number of Cardboard boxes you have seems to regenerate. The item recharges over time and you will be able to easily see how many boxes you have left to use at any time. Now place those boxes down and sneak past those pesky enemies of yours. No one ever suspects the box.

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