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How to Perform a Fortnite Shakedown and find the Boss Henchmen

It’s not too often we’re given a whole new play mechanic feature in Fortnite, but that’s exactly what’s happened thanks to the introduction of the Fortnite Shakedown mechanic in Chapter 2 Season 2. In this guide, we’ll let you in on how to perform a Shakedown in Fortnite, as well as what Shakedowns do. We’ll also let you in on how to find Fortnite Henchmen locations and how to find the Boss Henchmen. Read on to discover everything there is to know about Shakedowns.

How to Perform a Fortnite Shakedown | What are Shakedowns?

Fortnite Shakedown

Shakedowns in Fortnite were introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2. It’s a useful new mechanic that can make your Fortnite experience a little easier. To perform a Shakedown in Fortnite, you’ll need to first knock down an enemy. Before an enemy is killed now, they will be knocked down. Just deal enough damage and an enemy will drop to their hands and knees. You can choose to either Carry or Shakedown the enemy. Choose ‘Shakedown’ to Shakedown.

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Opting to Shakedown, you will pick your enemy up and shake them down for information. They will give you a Minimap Gadget (check out our full guide on the new feature here) upon shaking them down. The item will be used instantly and will highlight nearby chests, usable items, and enemies on the map. This is especially useful if you want to find and eliminate all of the Henchmen in different bases.

How to find the Boss Henchmen

Fortnite Shakedown

You’ll find Henchmen prowling the new bases (points of interest) that we have highlighted on the map above. When you shakedown one Henchman, the rest of the Henchmen in the base should be highlighted on your map. This includes the Boss Henchmen. Boss Henchmen should appear on your map as a Red Crown.

Eliminating Boss Henchmen will award you with their special weapon and a Keycard (more information on those in our guide). Knock down a regular Henchman in any of the locations highlighted above to discover the location of the Boss Henchman in that point of interest. Be warned, however, the Boss Henchmen are powerful enemies.

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