Is Oculus Quest 128GB worth it?

If you’re planning to purchase a wireless Oculus Quest VR headset, you’re probably torn between the two memory capacities and the associated $100 price difference. It’s a conundrum that’s causing many to question: “Is Oculus Quest 128GB worth it?” In this guide, we’ll cover whether you really need the larger capacity 128GB Quest.

Is it worth getting the 128GB Oculus Quest?

Is Oculus Quest 128GB worth it?

Is the extra 64GB of memory worth spending an additional $100 on the Oculus Quest 128GB model? To cut to the chase, we’d say that it isn’t a necessary upgrade for most. A majority of Oculus Quest games are incredibly well optimized to take up as little storage space as possible, with the average title being in the region of 2GB. While the “budget” model’s 64GB capacity might sound tiny on paper, in practice, it should easily accommodate a healthy library of games, apps, and experiences.

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Three Game Revolution staff members, including myself, own the 64GB Oculus Quest and haven’t found storage to be an issue. If you’re using the device for games and experiences first and foremost, perhaps with a few entertainment and productivity apps thrown in, then 64GB should serve you well and 128GB isn’t really worth it.

You will need to consider opting for the 128GB model if you plan to store a lot of media on your Oculus Quest headset, however. While it’s possible to stream media stored remotely to the Quest, your storage capacity can quickly fill up when saving lots of pictures and videos to the device itself for viewing at your leisure.

You may also need to consider spending the extra $100 on a 128GB model if you’re an Oculus Rift devotee with tons of cross-buy apps, games, and experiences that you want to fit on Quest.

Is Oculus Quest 128GB worth it?

  • In most average use cases, it isn’t a necessary upgrade.
  • Many Oculus Quest apps, games, and experiences are optimized to take up very little memory (~2GB or less).
  • If you want to store a lot of media (pictures and videos) on the device, you might want to consider the upgrade.
    • Note: You can stream media stored remotely using Quest.
  • If you already have a large compatible library as an Oculus Rift owner, you might also want to consider the upgrade.