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Is there a Valorant version mismatch error fix?

If you’ve been trying to play the game with your friends, you may well have come across the annoying Valorant version mismatch error message. Getting this error message means you cannot queue with and play the game with your friends at that time. Is there a Valorant version mismatch error fix, though? Read on to find out if there is anything you can do to fix the version mismatch error in Valorant.

Is there a Valorant version mismatch error fix?

Valorant version mismatch

One way of potentially fixing the version mismatch error is to make sure you and your friends have Valorant updated to its latest version. You could be receiving the error message because one or more of you is not playing on the most up-to-date version of the game. Make sure that both you and whoever you’re playing with has the latest game update installed. Follow these steps to check out if your version of Valorant is up to date:

  • Head to the Valorant client main menu
    • On the top-left corner of the screen
  • The sidebar should tell you your Valorant game version number
  • Check for an update and install if there is a new one

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Do bear in mind, however, that new updates could go online in different regions at different times. Keep an eye on relevant social media if you’re not seeing a new update, but your friend is. If updating your game doesn’t work, another fix is to change your region of residence on your Riot account. This has worked for players, such as in this Reddit thread. Your region of residence could be completely wrong. You will need to change it if so. Click on through to this official Valorant support page to change your region of residence and to check if it is wrong (you will need to login to your Riot account).

A word of warning, however. Changing your region of residence on your Riot account will likely wipe your Valorant progress. This means that you will have to start again. The Valorant support page we linked to above should warn you of this. Change your region of residence at your own risk.