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Will there be a Fortnite first-person mode?

During the latest event in the game, a Fortnite first-person mode was teased. Does this mean that there will be one in the future though? Read through this guide to find out whether we think there will be a Fortnite first-person view added to the game or not. Will there be a first-person mode in Fortnite? Find out what we think about the new viewpoint being added below.

Will there be a Fortnite first-person mode?

Fortnite first-person mode

Epic Games could add a first-person mode to Fortnite in the future. The trouble is, we cannot say for certain whether a first-person view will be added to Fortnite or not. Without an official word from Epic Games, we simply do not know if you’ll be able to play Fortnite in first-person. We’re thinking, however, following the game’s latest event, that it could happen.

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During the event, the player was transported to an office, where panicked scenes were played out from a first-person perspective. For a limited time, you could walk around the office, but not interact with anything. While not a confirmation that it’s coming to the game at some point, one of the small first-person scenes certainly had us believing it could be a tease. With top-secret files scattered across your desk, you hear “hold on… “It’s not just a storm?” What does that mean?” Suspicious. This could only have to do with what was happening during the event, but given previous teases that become apparent later on, we wouldn’t be surprised if first-person is added in at some point in the future, all pointing back towards this event.

During the event, some players were able to “glitch” the game and play normally in first-person. As you can see in the video below by @GiantsfanTg, it looks like it could definitely work, but needs a little more polish based on what we can see. Another pointer towards a Fortnite first-person mode is that you already can in Save the World. First-person in Save the World doesn’t show your gun or anything like that, so it is a little strange. Hopefully, a first-person mode is added as an option to Fortnite at some stage. Time will tell, of course, if it does.