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The Last of Us 2 Wedding Date Safe Code

One of the tougher puzzles to crack in The Last of Us 2 is the wedding date safe. You don’t get the code for the wedding date safe through a note like most others. Instead, you’ll get a small clue, and you’ll have to search the area to piece together the combination.

What’s the wedding date safe code in The Last of Us 2?

The Last of Us 2 Route 5 Apartment safe code location

You’ll find the safe requiring a wedding date for the combo in Seattle – Day 2 as Ellie. As you follow Route 5 on your journey to the hospital, you’ll find yourself on a street where you can enter several buildings. One of these buildings has a box truck with an open rear compartment in front of it. This is an apartment building, and it’s where you’ll find this safe.

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The apartment building’s front door is locked, so you’ll need to take the steps down and crawl through the hole there. Take the stairs up to the second floor, and you’ll find two available doors. One of the doors leads to an apartment, and the other is locked. To get into the locked room, which contains the wedding date safe, you’ll need to break a window leading to the eave on the front of the building. Follow the eave towards the locked apartment, and you’ll find a window you can break to enter it.

The Last of Us 2 Route 5 Apartment safe code location

You’ll find a note here, clueing you in that the code to the safe inside the apartment is the wedding date for the couple who once lived here. You’ll find a calendar on a wall in the apartment for October 2013. You’ll see that October 8, 2013, is marked as the couple’s 30th wedding anniversary. This is the clue you need to find the safe code.

Count back 30 years, and you’ll have the wedding date safe code for The Last of Us 2:


- 30



So, the wedding date safe code is 10-08-83.