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How to unlock the Spellbreak Hollow Skin

How do you get the Spellbreak Hollow Outfit? There are plenty of skins/outfits (whatever you want to call them) in the new battle royale game from Proletariat. Actually unlocking The Hollow Outfit, however, is somewhat complicated. Read on to find out how to unlock the Spellbreak Hollow Skin.

Discover what you need to do to earn The Hollow Skin in Spellbreak below. It won’t be particularly easy, mind.

How to get the Spellbreak Hollow Outfit

Spellbreak Hollow Skin

To unlock The Hollow Outfit, you need to enter official Spellbreak giveaways on Twitch. These are seemingly live every few days or so, at least (Thursdays are relatively common). Aside from winning these giveaways, however, it appears that, for now, the only way to unlock The Hollow Outfit in Spellbreak is to take part in community events and playtests. Keep an eye out for upcoming meetups and contests. The Hollow Skin is a rare one (Legendary), so you will definitely want to equip it and show it off when playing Spellbreak.

Keeping an eye on the official Spellbreak Twitter account should let you in on any upcoming and ongoing Hollow Skin giveaways (as you can see in this tweet). It should, hopefully, too, tell you about any in-game events and playtests. If you’re particularly keen on The Hollow Skin, you will want to pay attention to what the official Twitter account tells you.

With Halloween coming up soon enough, we can hope, however, that The Hollow Outfit will be more readily available. We can hope for a Halloween-themed community event of some kind, anyway. The Hollow Outfit and its spooky stylings certainly fit the Halloween theme, at least.

Remember, to unlock The Hollow Skin in Spellbreak you need to:

  • Win a random, official giveaway on the Proletariat Twitch
  • Win it during a community event or contest

Hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to get hold of The Hollow Outfit sooner rather than later.