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Is there a Rocket League not launching fix?

Is there a Rocket League not launching fix? Since its move to free-to-play, players have noted that they are unable to actually launch the rocket-propelled soccar game, particularly on PC and Xbox One. Read on, thankfully, for a number of simple Rocket League not booting fixes that should, hopefully, work for you.

Discover below how to fix Rocket League not launching on all of its available platforms, but especially on PC and Steam.

How to fix Rocket League not launching

Rocket League not launching

To fix Rocket League boot-up issues on PC via Steam you need to run the game and Steam as an administrator. Running both the game and Steam as an administrator should, hopefully, make Rocket League launch as it should without any issues. Follow these steps to run Rocket League as an administrator:

  • Find where Rocket League is installed on your PC
    • Type it into the Windows search bar or find it manually
  • Right-click rocketleaguelauncher.exe or click “Run as administrator” on windows if it appears when you search
    • Select Properties
      • “Compatibility” tab
        • Select “Run this program as an administrator

Hopefully, this should fix Rocket League for you on PC. If it doesn’t there are some other general fixes that could help:

  • Verify Rocket League game files on Steam
    • Right-click Rocket League on Steam
      • “Properties”
        • “Local Files”
          • “Verify Integrity of Game Cache”
  • Check your graphics card drivers are up to date
  • Disabling Steam Overlay might fix it
  • Run the game in compatibility mode
  • Reinstall the game (last-resort)

If none of the fixes work, Rocket League could be failing to launch because it is down for maintenance or, as it was on September 23, 2020, moving from a premium cost game to free-to-play.

How to fix Rocket League not launching on Xbox One

On September 23, 2020, Rocket League left Xbox Game Pass and became free-to-play. This means that you could not launch the game through Xbox Game Pass for a little while. Simply grab the game for free from the Xbox One digital store to start playing again.