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How to get MVP in Rocket League

How do you earn a Rocket League MVP award? Sometimes, you need to prove to your teammates that you are the best player and sometimes you need to get an MVP award to complete an in-game Challenge. Whatever your reason for wanting one, read on to find out how to get MVP in Rocket League.

Discover what you need to do to get a Rocket League MVP award below. Details on what actions you need to take to earn that coveted prize can be found below.

How do you get an MVP in Rocket League?

how to get MVP in Rocket League

To get an MVP award in Rocket League, you need to win a match and earn more points than any of your teammates. If you lose a match with more points than any player on the winning team, you will not get an MVP award. You earn points in Rocket League by performing match actions such as scoring goals, saving shots, and even simply hitting the ball. You will need to play a good game to earn an MVP award, but try hard enough and you should earn at least one soon enough.

There are ways you can help ensure you win an MVP award in Rocket League, too. Focussing on helping your teammate, for example, will pay dividends. Each action in Rocket League earns you a different number of match points. Scoring a goal, for example, will bag you 100 points, whereas getting the assist for that goal gives you 50. If you’re a team player, you will make goals, save shots, and make plenty of clearances. Everything you do adds up.

See the basic list of action points in Rocket League (in Ranked playlists) below:

  • Goal | 100 Points
  • Hat Trick (score three goals) | 25 Points
  • Assist | 50 Points
  • Playmaker (three assists) | 25 Points
  • Save | 50 Points
  • Epic Save (saved just before it goes in) | 75 Points
  • Savior (make any three saves) | 25 Points
  • Shot on Goal | 10 Points
  • Center Ball | 10 Points
  • Clear Ball | 20 Points
  • Touch the Ball | 2 Points

You should earn more points, too, if you score a goal while your car is backward, upside down, from a long distance, from the air, knocking an opponent into the ball to score, and scoring with a bicycle kick motion. All of these flourishes should add an extra 20 points to your game score.