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Mario Kart Live Multiplayer | How to play with friends

Can you play Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit in multiplayer? Nintendo’s new augmented reality (with proper toys) racing game has players racing Mario and Luigi around their living room floors in real life! There is a multiplayer mode, but there are some caveats. Knowing how to play Mario Kart Live multiplayer will let players enjoy the game with friends and family. Do players need a Mario and a Luigi kart to play multiplayer, too? Here’s everything there is to know about multiplayer.

How to play Mario Kart Live multiplayer

Mario Kart Live multiplayer lets a group of up to four players take to the floor and the Switch to race against each other. There are restrictions, however, given the physical nature of the game itself, that players need to be aware of. Not least the cost of playing.

To play Mario Kart Live multiplayer, each player needs their own Switch console and Mario Kart Live toy. If a player has just one Switch and two toys, for example, only single-player can be played. This means that to play four-player Mario Kart Live there needs to be four Nintendo Switch consoles and four kart toys (one for each player). An internet connection is needed to play the game, too. Just make sure you have the space to play it.

Is there Mario Kart Live online multiplayer?

Yes, there is online multiplayer in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, though it doesn’t work in the way you might expect. Players require an online connection to play Mario Kart Live, but there is no online multiplayer in the traditional way.

Mario Kart Live cannot be played with other people over the internet across different households. All players need to physically be in the same room to play multiplayer in Mario Kart Live. Technically, an internet connection is used to play the game. Get that poor connection fixed and start playing with friends and family.

Do you need a Mario and Luigi kart to play multiplayer?

Mario Kart Live multiplayer

You do not need a Mario and Luigi kart to play multiplayer in Mario Kart Live. While owning both karts will give the game a more visual flair, it doesn’t matter what karts people use to play multiplayer. A group can play a multiplayer match with two Marios or two Luigis or mix-and-match however they see fit. This means, too, that a four-player multiplayer race can consist of four Marios, four Luigis, or a mix-and-match in any which way possible.

The Mario Kart Live multiplayer mode simply requires each player has their own Switch console and own kart toy. However those players want to play multiplayer is up to them. Don’t worry, either, there is no cartridge for the game.